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NetScaler SD-WAN: A Successful Citrix Internal Deployment

Is Citrix using its own products the way that our customers are? Of course! Are we using NetScaler SD-WAN to…

Knowledge Centerハイライト: NetScalerおよびNetScaler Gateway (2017年7月)

Citrix NetScaler環境を管理するのにお役立ていただける、NetScalerおよびNetScaler Gatewayに関するKnowledge Centerの記事を選りすぐってご紹介します。

Want to Get More from your Citrix Investment? eLearning is the Answer

Now you can learn anywhere, anytime with the new Hands-on Citrix Education eLearning Platform! It’s no secret the most effective…

Aberdeen Group Analysis: SD-WAN – The Right Path for Better Branch Network Performance

With the roll-out of SaaS and cloud-based applications, Internet traffic has grown considerably, exacerbating the problems with hub and spoke WANs. Common applications like Microsoft Office 365 and Salesforce are entirely Internet-based rather than being housed in a central data center. As a result, organizations that continue to rely on hub and spoke WANs are noticing a negative impact on worker productivity as these applications function more slowly – or go down altogether. Read Aberdeen's report on why SD-WAN is the right solution to overcome these challenges for better branch performance.

Analysts’ Perspectives: Redefining Branch Networking With SD-WAN

Enterprises are redefining their branches as part of their digital transformation strategy, and for many, a one-size-fits-all wide area network (WAN) is no longer a viable solution.

Raise Your SD-WAN IQ with Citrix Hands-on Workshop

What’s up with the WAN? It’s no surprise that WAN traffic is growing every year. According to one report, it…

Citrix Service Provider July Enablement Webinars

July Citrix Service Provider Enablement webinar series with dedicated business and technical tracks, focused on maximizing your hosting business with upcoming SD-Wan and MAS releases! You don’t want to miss this!

Stay Ahead of the Citrix Technology Curve with Group Training

A “set and forget” IT strategy can have serious downsides. You may miss out on new capabilities that can simplify…

NetScaler SD-WAN for the Cloud

As you evolve your application infrastructure and migrate applications to the cloud, it’s important to evolve your network as well.…

Citrix and Microsoft: A Year of Achievement … and We’re Just Getting Started

One year ago at Citrix Synergy, Citrix and Microsoft kicked off a powerful expansion of our partnership to help our…

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