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Citrix Cloud at Synergy… DON’T Take My Word For It!

Don’t take MY word for it. Instead, you should hear straight from customers like yourself. You’ll find their IT issues…

What Data is Smart Check Collecting?

The Smart Tools payload has been designed to protect customer identity. It is also very light and requires a trivial amount of bandwidth and processing power. When it comes to privacy and data security, transparency is key. So this post covers the contents of the payload.

Cloud Lessons Learned From The Field

It’s a topic that seems to be on the lips of every C-level executive these days: How do I move…

The Building Blocks of Smart Check — How It All Works

Our vision is to evolve Smart Check into comprehensive diagnostics and troubleshooting platform for the Citrix stack. We hope to enable expert administrators and partners to build and deploy tools and scripts on Smart Check, in a secure manner. Want to join the movement?

Power Management of a XenApp & XenDesktop Service Resource Location

Highlighting some methods of saving costs on Cloud hosted resource locations. Also wanted to mention not to power off connectors or domain controllers

Citrix Smart ToolsでXenAppとXenDesktop環境を最適化

Citrix Cloudの特徴の一つである、ワークスペースおよびワークロードの導入や管理をシンプルかつ迅速に行うツール群のSmart Toolsファミリーをご紹介します。

Cloud-First Doesn’t Mean Cloud Only: Announcing Trade-Up Promos to Citrix Cloud Services

While many enterprises see the advantages of a move to the cloud, they can be overwhelmed by the potential costs…

#NoOffSeason for Citrix Smart Tools

If you’re a fan of sports and twitter, a popular hashtag these days is #NoOffSeason. It’s frequently used by professionals…

Citrix Summit 2017: Big News, Bold Initiatives

Holy smokes! Did you catch the license number of the blazing hot conference that whizzed by last week? That’s right:…

Get Your XenApp & XenDesktop Environments In Top Shape with Citrix Smart Tools

Introducing Citrix Smart Tools: improving security, availability and delivery costs for Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop – on-premises or in the…

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