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Knowledge Centerハイライト: NetScalerおよびNetScaler Gateway (2017年7月)

Citrix NetScaler環境を管理するのにお役立ていただける、NetScalerおよびNetScaler Gatewayに関するKnowledge Centerの記事を選りすぐってご紹介します。

Announcing NetScaler Secure Web Gateway Solution in NetScaler 12.0

Enterprises today face an increasing number of attacks through user’s Internet web sessions. It could be because users are visiting…

NetScaler & NetScaler Gateway Knowledge Center Article Highlights — August 2017

Hello, Citrix Community! The following is a list of hand-picked NetScaler and NetScaler Gateway articles to assist you in managing your environment.

Simple, Secure & Better Connectivity with NetScaler Gateway Service

Citrix Cloud provides NetScaler Gateway Service as an add-on to XenApp and XenDesktop Service, to provide a simple to configure,…

Aberdeen Group Analysis: SD-WAN – The Right Path for Better Branch Network Performance

With the roll-out of SaaS and cloud-based applications, Internet traffic has grown considerably, exacerbating the problems with hub and spoke WANs. Common applications like Microsoft Office 365 and Salesforce are entirely Internet-based rather than being housed in a central data center. As a result, organizations that continue to rely on hub and spoke WANs are noticing a negative impact on worker productivity as these applications function more slowly – or go down altogether. Read Aberdeen's report on why SD-WAN is the right solution to overcome these challenges for better branch performance.

NetScaler Unified Gateway Provides One Time Password (OTP), Natively

NetScaler Unified Gateway is a Single Sign-On and an SSL VPN solution. It provides consolidation of all remote access solutions…

Moving to the Cloud? Rethink Your Security Efficacy – Join Us for an Exclusive Webinar

Cybersecurity is all about managing and reducing your business risks. In the new world of hybrid cloud and SaaS apps, the security perimeter no longer exists. How do you protect your hybrid cloud deployments against cybersecurity attacks? Join our webinar and learn today.

New! AWS Backend Server Autoscaling with Netscaler

From the upcoming release 12.0.51.x Netscaler on AWS supports Backend Servers Autoscaling. Efficient hosting of applications in a cloud requires…

High Performance NetScaler in the Cloud

As the enterprise begins its shift to the cloud and architects begin mapping and sizing infrastructure to support their application…

Analysts’ Perspectives: Redefining Branch Networking With SD-WAN

Enterprises are redefining their branches as part of their digital transformation strategy, and for many, a one-size-fits-all wide area network (WAN) is no longer a viable solution.

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