User experience is driving the future of IT overall but especially for service providers. As a partner, you are focused on developing trust and excellent user experiences to ensure your customer does not even question when it is time to renew a contract.

Citrix Intelligent Traffic Management (ITM) is an exciting product now available to Citrix Service Providers that offers deep visibility into internet conditions and steers traffic to the content that is closest — or more importantly, most responsive to each user individually. ITM incorporates a variety of user experience and management advantages including a virtual map of internet user experience, continuous monitoring of resources, data-driven business investment decisions, and much more.  Better insights and better decisions for you as the service provider and for your customers!

Joint Force Technology is one of our first CSP partners to use ITM in their offering. Tony Chen from Joint Force shared his enthusiasm, “Utilizing ITM provides my customers the ability to control computing and delivery resources, real time in global scale with their unique business logic. This brings big value to focus on their business strategies to gain success.”

Learn more here and see a live ITM demo to better understand the many advantages it brings to our Citrix Service Provider community.

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