Citrix is excited to announce one of the industry’s most differentiated and intelligent GSLB as a service. Citrix Intelligent Traffic Management (ITM) now offers granular visualization of internet conditions and comprehensive integration with Citrix ADC to ensure the most informed and optimized traffic steering and the best possible user experience.

Internet as the Blind Spot

Customer experience drives brand loyalty. It can be hard to deliver a superior customer experience given the ever-changing conditions of the internet as a delivery vehicle. The internet is not a big fluffy, friendly cloud, controlled by any single entity, but a collection of thousands of individual networks with different priorities and peering arrangements. This can create a big blind spot for application delivery.

You may have the best data center or be hosted in the fastest cloud, with top-of-the-line servers and the fastest connections. But the variability of the internet — latency, throughput, reachability — can kill the best laid plans and prevent your users from engaging with your content.

It can cripple your user experience and hurt your business. After all, getting your audience to the best place to serve them is half the battle. That’s where Citrix can help.

New! Citrix GSLB as a Service

Citrix recognizes the importance of keeping users engaged and ensuring they reach applications and content efficiently. That’s why Citrix Intelligent Traffic Management now offers GSLB as a service, based entirely in the cloud. This exciting new offering automatically steers users to the best sources for your applications and content with real-time:

  • granular visibility of internet conditions
  • granular visibility of server performance in data centers
  • responses to state changes in the internet
  • responses to data center/cloud state changes through ADC integration

GSLB as a service combines the power of Citrix ITM’s deep and live visibility of internet conditions (latency, throughput, reachability) and Citrix ADC’s real-time visibility and knowledge of server and data center usage (CPU, connections, data transfer) and understanding of application health.

ITM is fully configurable and enables you to create your own traffic distribution rules without any restrictions. For example, you can send users to content that is farther away but performing better. Or even use cost information to preferentially send users to cheaper CDNs when the performance is similar. With Citrix ITM you truly deliver your applications and content in line with your business requirements, wherever the applications reside (data center, cloud, CDN).

New Scenario Simulation Tool

Migration of applications to the cloud is tough enough without having to guess the best place for your content. The new scenario simulation tool, Citrix ITM Performance Visualizer, helps you make data-driven business and investment decisions about where to host your workloads or put your content for optimum delivery to your specific audiences.

This easy-to-use tool draws upon up to 15 billion daily data points from 900 million real users across 50,000 ISP networks to map user experience on the internet to the different clouds, CDNs, and networks across the globe. ITM lets IT visualize and optimize the use of multiple, different traffic management strategies and compare before and after performances of infrastructure designs. Because you can simulate before you build, it’s never been easier to get your application delivery strategy right.

Simple and Straightforward: Get Started Today

Citrix ITM is a cloud service that delivers the a great user experience to your customers with nothing to install or maintain. It comes in three editions (Standard, Advanced, Premium) to suit your requirements to deliver all your application content. GSLB as a service is part of the Citrix ITM Advanced and Premium editions. There is also a free-to-use ITM Express edition to get started with visualization.

Citrix GSLB as a service is at the forefront of helping companies to ensure their applications are delivered most effectively. If you are delivering content across the internet, it is a solution you simply must have. Not sold? Have a representative contact you or create an account on Citrix Cloud and try it for yourself.