Stan Black’s organization at Citrix stops 56 billion unique attacks each quarter. As Chief Security and Information Officer, Stan has simplified IT and security at Citrix to focus on threat prevention and to ensure a better user experience.

Keep reading to learn about his organization, what sets Citrix apart, and how security doesn’t have to get in the way of a great user experience (and can even stop billions of attacks in the process). And then vote for Stan as Cybersecurity Professional of the Year!

You’ve been nominated for Cybersecurity Professional of the Year again! What do you think sets you apart from the other candidates?

I’m so grateful to be nominated for the Cybersecurity Professional of the Year award from the Cybersecurity Excellence Awards again. Cybersecurity is top of mind across nearly every industry. Attackers are getting smarter and moving faster. Security and IT teams have to move at lightning speed to adapt to threats old and new. Citrix focuses on three core principles of experience, choice, and security so we can securely deliver apps and data to the more than 400,000 organizations and over 100 million users globally of Citrix technology.

Applications and data must be available to users wherever they are — on any device, over any network or cloud. Because technology moves so quickly and shiny new toys like machine learning and AI have come onto the scene, it has meant that infrastructures have become more complex. Unfortunately, that also means that the user experience has also become more cumbersome, which can lead to even more security headaches. What sets Citrix, and my organization apart, is that we are focused on simplifying infrastructure to find threats faster and improve the user experience. That’s what sets us apart.

What’s different about the Citrix security organization that makes it better able to protect ourselves and our customers?

The security and IT organizations at Citrix are now one, they don’t operate in silos and they work together across the product and engineering groups. We’ve streamlined operations and brought the teams together to develop creative solutions to old and new security and IT challenges. By doing this, our team has more opportunity to expand their skills sets and drive career progression, which makes happier employees and makes Citrix a more attractive place to work.

Why do you think your team is so successful at stopping or preventing attacks?

In a word, experience. Security cannot get in the way of a good experience for users. My organization’s goal is to get out of the user’s way and provide access to all applications and data. Our goal is to provide an experience that’s both simple to use and secure. Not many companies have found that happy medium.

My team works in partnership with engineering, product, HR, communications, and more to drive awareness for security and everyone’s role in keeping information safe.

I’ve also brought the security and IT teams together to create one larger team of more than 600 people who work to improve experience, automate mundane processes, and harden our infrastructure. Because those teams now work together, they’re better able to proactively protect systems, data, and people.

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For more about the secure solutions Citrix offers, visit or the Citrix Trust Center.