A few months ago, we announced the release of a comprehensive digital workspace experience solution — the Citrix Workspace app. We embarked on this journey to make your workforce more productive and to deliver an experience users will love. As we wrap up 2018, Citrix has released the Citrix Workspace app 1812 for Windows (among other platforms) with a focus on enhancing end-user experience.

We also recently announced the release of Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops 7 1811, bundled with Citrix Workspace app 1811 for Windows. Citrix Workspace app 1812 for Windows comes with all the features delivered in Citrix Workspace app 1811 for Windows plus an update to the Chromium Embedded Framework. Citrix Secure Browser is built on top of the Chromium Embedded Framework, and the latest update to the framework gives you a better experience when you access your SaaS applications.

Our commitment to enhancing user experience is evident in new features like these:

  • Virtual-display layout: You can now define a virtual-monitor layout that applies to the remote desktop and virtually split a single client monitor into up to eight monitors on the remote desktop.
  • Display graphics mode indicator: This setting configures the graphics mode indicator to run in the user session. It enables you to see details about the graphics mode in use, including graphics provider, encoder, hardware encoding, image quality, progressive display status, and lossless text.
  • DPI matching on Windows 10: DPI matching allows the Windows 10 desktop session to match the DPI of the endpoint when using Citrix Workspace app for Windows.
  • HDX adaptive throughput: HDX adaptive throughput intelligently fine-tunes the peak throughput of the ICA session by adjusting output buffers.
  • Client-drive mapping performance improvements: Client-drive mapping now supports the transfer of data between the host and the client as a stream. This ensures that the file transfer adapts to the changing network throughput conditions. It also uses any available extra bandwidth to scale up the data-transfer rate.

So, are you ready to experience the new Citrix Workspace app? Head over to our downloads page and begin your journey to the future of work!