In the past, when end user session launches in Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops failed due to a badly configured terminal server or loss of contact with the license server, the administrator had to manually check the server OS machine. There was no provision to check the status of the machine’s RDS CALs (remote desktop services client access licenses) in Director.

Beginning with the recent Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops 7 1811 release, this information is displayed on the machine details panel of the Machine Details Page and the User Details page of a server OS machine, in a new field called Microsoft RDS License.

The table below summarizes the various states of the license on the server OS machine and the corresponding status displayed on the Microsoft RDS License field.

Hovering over the tool-tip next to the warning and error messages gives you the details of the problem with the license server or license configuration of the server OS machine. This is our next step in providing you a complete monitoring solution with Director.

You can use the information displayed in the Microsoft RDS License field to diagnose the health of the RDS license on the server OS machine and, if needed, determine the corrective actions to be taken.