Let’s talk productivity. While the Citrix Workspace continues to focus on delivering experience, security, and choice, each of these pillars has a common denominator: productivity.

Experience – Whether you’re an IT admin or an end-user, a great experience means simplified workflows, which translate into better productivity.

Security – Adding more security tools or more security processes usually means increasing complexity, which can have a negative impact on productivity.

Choice – Having the freedom to choose your preferred device, preferred cloud, or preferred apps makes you work faster. That equates to increased productivity.

We understand that productivity is top of mind for our customers. A recent study shows that after years of increased productivity correlated to newer/better technology, we’re now seeing diminishing returns on productivity. This ALSO is attributed to technology — too much technology, too many apps, too many places in which we’re storing data.

Do you know that an average worker spends over 20 percent of their time looking for the right information? I’ll give you an example. I’m spending more and more time on the application Slack and less time on email. But when I need to reference a conversation, I first need to remember whether that conversation took place over Slack or email. If I choose the wrong one, I’m have to search a second location for what I need.

To compound the problem, the average worker is switching contexts every two minutes due to the “always-on, always connected” nature of our applications. These interruptions steer us off course and have a negative impact on overall productivity.

Citrix is committed to helping its customers address and improve business and user productivity. Earlier this month Citrix announced the acquisition of Sapho, building upon an already extensive productivity feature set. Sapho technology integrates with popular enterprise SaaS applications such as Salesforce, Workday, ServiceNow and others to provide users with micro-apps and notifications. This streamlines required business workflows. For a more detailed description of Sapho capabilities please check out the announcement.

Additionally, in the month of November, Citrix introduced a number of new features to our Citrix Workspace solutions. These features benefit both the end-user and IT, ultimately leading to better productivity across the board.

A long-requested feature now has been added to the Secure Browser Service as a Tech Preview. The ability to upload and download files from a secure hosted browser — controlled by a policy — now is available both for existing customers and for anyone running a trial. This enables IT admins to publish select trusted sites that have a low security risk and enable uploading and downloading of content to them. For the time being, this is limited to Secure Browser sessions started through Workspace Web or StoreFront using a native Citrix Workspace app.

Citrix has been recognized as a leader in the Forrester Wave: Unified Endpoint Management, Q4 2018 Report. You can read the report here. We continue to innovate our Citrix Endpoint Management solution to provide experience, security and choice for admins and their end-users. This month, Secure Mail has seen a number of enhancements around experience and security.

Citrix Endpoint Management service has added new features including the ability to manage your inbox from the Feeds screen. You can now view emails from your manager in the Feeds screen on both Android and iOS devices. In Secure Mail for Android, when a user reports a phishing email, admins receive the email and its associated ActiveSync headers.

With support for more device policy restrictions for Samsung DeX mode, Chrome OS, iOS and Windows, Citrix Endpoint Management Service continues to simplify management of devices. For a full list of policies added to Citrix Endpoint Management this month see: What’s New in Citrix Endpoint Management.

Citrix Content Collaboration has two new features for November:

  • the ability to apply watermarks to documents as well
  • the ability to send notifications when users approach and exceed their data limits.

Organizations need tools to secure and protect the integrity of documents shared externally with customers, partners, and vendors. With Information Rights Management, end users can apply a watermark with the date, the recipient’s name, and their IP address. Senders can also prevent a file from being downloaded or ensure that downloaded and printed documents also contain a watermark. This added layer of security protects against the risk of screenshots and unwanted forwards to unauthorized recipients.

Hard Quotas for End Users

Many of our customers take advantage of the data storage choice that Citrix Content Collaboration provides; they store their files on-premises. While they love the flexibility the solution provides, many struggle with ensuring their end users don’t use more than their fair share of storage. Content Collaboration hard quotas enable IT administrators to cap the amount of storage dedicated to each end user, helping them to stay compliant with internal policies while simplifying hardware planning for IT.

New Features Focused on IT Productivity

HPE-SimpliVity recently announced Automation for HPE SimpliVity and Citrix Cloud. This offering makes it even easier for you to get up and running with the Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops service from Citrix Cloud. Automation for HPE-SimpliVity and Citrix Cloud simplifies the integration with Citrix Cloud, enabling you to deploy hybrid cloud Citrix Workspaces with just a few clicks. Now you can enjoy the benefits of Citrix Cloud for your Citrix Workspaces — centralized management, subscription pricing, and offloading routine management to Citrix (Evergreen, Citrix maintains, upgrades, patches and backs up the entire Citrix control plane). You can keep your important apps and data on-premises, on your HPE SimpliVity infrastructure. When you add HPE-SimpliVity’s simplified management and high-performance capabilities — industry-best server density and low cost-per-desktop — you get a hybrid cloud workspaces solution that makes no compromises.

In addition to some select fixes, these two new capabilities recently were added to Citrix Analytics:

1) Self-service search for access data

You can use self-service search to get insight into the access details for the users in your enterprise. Citrix Analytics collects the users’ access details from the Citrix Access Control service.

Self-service search page:

2) Risk indicator feedback

Using the risk indicator feedback feature on Citrix Analytics, you can provide feedback regarding a risk indicator. Your feedback helps to confirm whether the security incident reported is accurate or not. Currently, this feature is supported on the Unusual logon access risk indicator triggered by the Content Collaboration data source.

More detail on the new Citrix Analytics features can be found in the “What’s new” document at https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/citrix-analytics/whats-new.html

Speaking of productivity, you can see that despite all of the turkey, gravy, stuffing and potatoes consumed, our product team did another fantastic job adding valuable features to Citrix Workspace solutions.

Happy Holidays!