Here at Citrix, we’re thankful.
We’re thankful for lots of things.

  • We’re thankful for intelligent workspaces (three cheers for being able to be productive, securely, from anytime, anywhere, from any device!)
  • We’re thankful for tacos, coffee, stuffing, and pie. Lots and lots of pie. Did I mention the pie?
  • We’re thankful for GIFs (whether you use a hard G or a soft G — we all know which way is correct; the other way is dead wrong).
  • We’re thankful for laughter, Slack chats, for teamwork, for camaraderie, and for #CitrixLife.
  • We’re thankful for our homes, our jobs, for friendship, for our families, and for the love in our lives.
  • We’re thankful for the turkey — or the tagine of lamb, or the naan, or the lasagna, or the enchiladas, or the tofu, or the … hold it. I have to stop; my mouth is watering.
  • We’re thankful for stretchy pants and fuzzy socks.
  • We’re thankful for laughter (I already said this, but it’s important to remember right now, so it gets mentioned twice).
  • We’re thankful for the smart people in this company—all over the world—from whom we learn each and every day.
  • We’re thankful, quite frankly, for the opportunity to be thankful for so many things.

We’re thankful, we are. It’s true. And whether you’re in the States or far away from our offices here, we wish you, too, a day of happiness and thankfulness and love.

Happy Thanksgiving.