Security is a key player in almost any industry, but in government and investigative work, it is imperative. Citrix Secure Browser can open up endless possibilities in investigations.

Whether you’re a sheriff’s deputy or a criminal investigator, this solution could be right for you and your team. Citrix Secure Browser is a service that can be used stand-alone as well as integrated with your existing Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops solution. It is a fully Azure hosted service that can integrate seamlessly with your other on-prem applications.

You may be thinking to yourself, “okay, but what does this do exactly?” Think of it like a doctor performing surgery. The doctor wears surgical gloves, works on the patient, and when the surgery is over, throws the gloves away. Citrix Secure Browser is the equivalent of the surgical gloves. It allows the user to launch a browser that sits on an external server. No hassle and no risk. This is done by utilizing browser isolation to physically isolate a user’s activity away from their local network. Here are a few reasons why Citrix Secure Browser can be part of your intelligence and security arsenal:

  • The Citrix Secure Browser session cannot be traced back to your IP address; it is shown as the IP address of the cloud server
  • You can freely click, dig, and search in the nooks and crannies of the internet without the risk of getting a virus on your corporate network
  • Hackers can’t reach the endpoint, and if the session is compromised, the virtual machine will automatically be disposed of as soon as the session is closed

This solution works by redirecting internet browsing to a virtual browser running inside a locked-down Linux Virtual machine on Microsoft Azure. When users are accessing the internet in Citrix Secure Browser, only their mouse clicks, keystroke commands, and screen updates cross the network to the users’ endpoint devices. No actual data from the website itself lives on the users’ devices or in the local browser cache.

We consider Citrix Secure Browser a turnkey service. This means that once the service is implemented, there is no infrastructure planning or update management required. Since Citrix Secure Browser is a Citrix Cloud service, it offers you a low-cost mechanism for secure browsing without having to set up a separate Citrix Virtual Apps server farm.

The next time you are trying to access crucial but potentially harmful information through a web browser, consider the security implications. This will help you avoid compromising your identity. Citrix Secure Browser keeps your information safe and allows you to quickly and securely track down vital information.

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