You’re busy, I know. So let’s start with just the facts:

  • What: Citrix Virtual Tech Summit

  • Where: Anywhere

  • When: December 6, 2018

  • How: Register

  • Why: Keep reading

Are you ready for a test? Don’t worry, there are no wrong answers as long as you answer for yourself.

  1. How many devices do you use?
    My answer: 7
  2. How many apps do you have across all devices?
    My answer: 63
  3. How many passwords do you have?
    My answer: 176
  4. How many storage locations contain your content?
    My answer: 11

I have 7 unique environments, all based on the device and all are unique. If I need to use a certain application, I need to make sure I use the correct device as it contains the right workspace. If I need to replace a device, I know I’m going to waste a day (at least) getting back to a semi-usable state.

Because we are so excited to use the latest device and technology, we often ignore the complexity associated with integrating the tech into our daily lives.

How do we solve these challenges? By moving our multiple, device-centric workspace environments to a single, device-agnostic workspace experience.

And this is why attending the Virtual Tech Summit is important. We’ve gathered a group of experts to not only talk about the Citrix Workspace experience, but to also show you how to deploy, secure and use the workspace.

Find a comfy chair, get a drink, grab a few snacks and prepare to experience a better way to work.

Daniel (Follow on Twitter @djfeller)
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