I’ve always admired the Consumer Product Safety Commission for their brilliant strategy tying Daylight Saving Time with checking the efficacy of smoke detectors. It’s an excellent way to keep people on their toes and enable them to detect safety flaws in their homes that may not be so obvious. Similar to the Daylight Saving Time connection, security experts think cyber security is so important that it warrants an entire month to remind people to check the health of their company’s security — from apps and desktops to their users and content.

Citrix espouses a security approach that enables customers to proactively protect information, manage risk, and achieve compliance. Citrix Workspace uses a people-centric security approach that combines users, their devices, locations, access rights, and expected behaviors to:

  • Unify and enrich the end user experience.
  • Secure all types of enterprise apps and data.
  • Simplify IT management and provide control and visibility across increasingly complex, hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

With Citrix Content Collaboration — a component of Citrix Workspace — we take security seriously and strive to protect your data from threats — both inside and outside of the organization. We break content security down into five pillars: User, Device, File, Content (information inside a file), and Context (time, location).

Just like home fires that can happen when you aren’t looking, and often are caused by careless human behavior, security breaches are most often the result of human negligence and lack of security precautions. According to the 2018 BakerHostetler Data Security Incident Report, over a third of all incidents began when an employee was phished. Another 34% included other user-defined behaviors such as inadvertent exposure, stolen or lost devices, and cloud system misconfiguration.

Let’s take a close look at how Citrix Content Collaboration enhances your content security.


IT executives understand that with the plethora of free or low-cost data sharing applications available to end users, it has become critical to provide users with a secure solution that optimizes productivity, delivers the best security to meet compliance standards and provides the highest level of security to prevent users from losing or compromising critical data. Features include:

  • Integration with corporate security via Single Sign-on, Two-Factor Verification.
  • Mandatory Two-Factor authentication for companies that have their own IdPs.
  • The ability to revoke access to shared links.
  • Restricted downloads and expiration dates for shared links.
  • Policy-based Administration to provide consistent permissions across groups, files, folders, and storage locations.
  • Citrix Analytics integration to address behavioral analytics use cases.


Mobile devices and bring-your-own device (BYOD) policies have brought unprecedented agility to the enterprise, allowing users to collaborate, access information and get serious work done any time, from almost anywhere. Remote workers need to protect both their data and their devices as cybercriminals cast ever-widening nets to compromise both data and devices. Content Collaboration provides a wide variety of features to protect devices. In addition, Citrix Endpoint Management provides an extra layer of security:

  • Mobile device access control and encryption allows users to be required enter a passcode each time they access their Citrix Content Collaboration account on a mobile device.
  • Detect and restrict jail-broken devices lets IT to restrict the use of modified or jail-broken mobile devices to avoid the security vulnerabilities they can introduce.
  • Remote wipe of data on devices allows you to remotely wipe mobile access to your account.
  • Modified device restriction provides IT the ability to restrict the use of modified or jail-broken mobile devices to avoid the security vulnerabilities they can introduce.
  • Poison Pill lets IT set data expiration policies for mobile devices and activate audit controls to track user logging activity.
  • Mobile device encryption allows IT to leverage the passcode lock feature to mobile device’s encryption capabilities and enforce encryption for all Citrix data on the device.
  • Citrix Analytics integration to address behavioral analytics use cases.


Sharing files is one of the most common forms of user productivity and collaboration. Content Collaboration makes it easy to share, collaborate, and exchange information with third parties — sometimes too easy. Citrix provides enterprise-level security to protect files at rest and in transit.

  • Files are encrypted at rest and in transit. Files are transferred to and from Citrix servers using 256-bit SSL encryption and files may be stored with AES 256-bit encryption at rest.
  • Access control for shared files and folders
    • Require users to login.
    • Link expiration to restrict access to sensitive documents.
    • Restrict downloads per user to restrict the number of times a file can be accessed
    • Revoke access for documents
  • View-only Sharing prevents recipients from sharing files.
  • Sharing with Watermark protects against the risk of screen capture for view-only documents.


The loss of sensitive data and other forms of enterprise information, such as Intellectual Property, can lead to significant financial losses and reputation damage. We’ve developed a flexible policy-based system that offers granular access and sharing controls based on a DLP attributes that are associated with each file.

  • Malware scanning ensures that files uploaded to Citrix-managed storage zones are automatically scanned for viruses and malware.
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP) integrates with leading DLP solutions supported by ICAP standard.
  • Customer Managed Encryption keys enable customers to use their own encryption keys on Citrix-managed StorageZones.
  • Cloud Access Security Brokers integrations that address Cloud DLP use cases and more


Of course nowadays, rather than depend on Daylight Saving and checking batteries, most of this audience is probably switching to home automation systems where alerts and AI are used to check emergency systems. As home automation evolves, so does Citrix.

  • Detailed reporting gives granular insight into account usage, storage and sharing activities.
  • Citrix Analytics allows you to:
    • Manual execute actions on your users from within the Analytics UI.
    • Set up conditional policy rules to autonomously execute and stop potential threats immediately.
    • Disable accounts of compromised users and insider threats.
    • Expire share links with unusual activity and sensitive data
  • Check out Citrix Analytics to see how we’re using AI/machine learning to evolve security too!

Citrix Content Collaboration gives IT a comprehensive set of solutions to protect critical data, ensure regulatory requirements and data compliance, and enhance employee productivity with a work-from-anywhere solution.

Learn more about Citrix Content Collaboration.