In September, we had a great Workspace Master Class. If you weren’t able to attend, don’t worry because it was recorded and is available from here: Workspace Master Class – September 2018

There was so much interest, that I didn’t have time to answer all of the questions during the live Q/A. As promised, I was able to get answers to the remaining questions.

Remember, this master class was part one on building out a workspace. In December, we will continue building out the environment. Make sure you register so you don’t miss it. Workspace Master Class – December 2018.

Question: Does SSO only work with SaaS apps or can I use it with any Client-Server app too?

Answer: Currently, Access Control service works with SaaS and web apps.

Question: Does HTTP basic mean that user name and password are sent in clear text?

Answer: HTTP Basic authentication for StoreFront (required for App Probes) allows authentication without using a web form/page.  The credentials using HTTP Basic are encrypted with the server certificate installed on the StoreFront server.

Question: Please explain what license is required with each block within the Workspace App. (SaaS, Content, Desktops, etc.)

Answer: Take a look at the following: At the bottom of the page, it discusses the differences between Workspace Standard, Workspace Premium and Workspace Premium Plus.

Question: Can we still use our on-prem Citrix ADC?

Answer: Using the site aggregation feature, you can either use your on-premises Citrix Gateway, the cloud-hosted Gateway service or no Gateway for internal-only access.

Question: Can we have workspace experience for OnPrem only environment without adopting cloud service?

Answer: Currently, the workspace experience is only available via the cloud service.

Question: Can the endpoint can be any OS?

Answer: Citrix Workspace app is available on any endpoint device, including Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, Chrome and HTML5 browser.

Question: Do the probes also work utilizing Netscalers?

Answer: No. Currently, the probes only launch resources directly from StoreFront and not through Gateway.

Question: Is there a periodic setting on App Probes; i.e. once per hour???

Answer: Currently, you can only select a time and not a periodic setting.

Question: To use Workspace app, do you have to have Citrix Cloud?

Answer: No. If Citrix Workspace app is used with StoreFront, users will continue to have the StoreFront experience. If Workspace app is used with the Workspace cloud service, users get the Workspace experience.

Question: If you have two sites on-prem (multi-site setting), does Workspace allow for multi-site aggregation?

Answer: Yes. You simply create additional site aggregation configurations within the Workspace configuration.

Question: With the site aggregation, which application will be shown in the Workspace app, if the Application name is the same in both sites? Can we configure which site is preferred for the same application name?

Answer: Today, a user will see multiple apps from multiple sites.

Question: I have a lot of users connecting from India. Minimum latency is 270 ms. Will we see any improvements with 1808?

Answer: The 7.17, 7.18 and 1808 releases improved the user experience on high latency links. For example, in 1808, we’ve seen a 17X improvement when copying a 400MB file from client to server with 150ms latency.  In 7.17, we improved the glyph caching algorithm that greatly reduces bandwidth consumption over any link.

Question: Latency optimization: Do you receive this optimization from the VDA 1808 or the Delivery Controller has to be also 1808?

Answer: You will need to use the latest VDA and controller.

Question: How does the probe know if the application launch is successful”

Answer: Technically, the probe (endpoint) doesn’t know, but the monitoring service within the virtual desktop tracks application launches and application errors.

Question: How long will the watermarking stay on the screen, when using the secure browser?

Answer: For the duration of the session

Question: For SSO do you need the Citrix Cloud Gateway Service or can you use your local Netscaler?

Answer: You can utilize an on-premises Gateway to handle SSO to SaaS apps.

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