Trust from clients is critical for any law firm to be successful, and that certainly applies to Uría Menéndez. Clients have to trust our attorneys to handle sensitive litigation, transactions and contracts, which also means they must be confident that their corporate and personal information and documents are protected. With 11 offices throughout the Iberian Peninsula, Western Europe, Latin America, New York and Beijing, we follow our clients wherever their business takes us.

That means we need to make sure our attorneys and staff have secure access to applications, files and other sensitive content at home, in client offices, and even in courtrooms, wherever they need to work. As the Director del Área Tecnología e Innovación (Director of Area Technology and Innovation), I’m responsible for making sure our people can securely access everything they need to work, wherever they are.

For more than a decade, we have depended on proven solutions from Citrix to provide our employees with secure access to apps and data so they can efficiently and effectively serve our clients, while making sure their data, documents and information remains safe. Just as we make sure we are always available to our clients, when at times things go south, Citrix has been there for us, providing excellent customer service with professionals who are willing to do whatever it takes to make sure their products work for us, and that their products provide the means for our lawyers to deliver the level of service asked by our clients.

Citrix Virtual Apps & Desktops (formerly XenApp) provides employees with secure access to the applications they need to work, whether they are in one of our smaller offices, or at a social event. For example, if a client calls and needs something quick, one of our attorneys can use any computer, with secure browser-based access, just by typing in the correct URL to securely access and user their work apps and quickly handle any important request or task while they are away from the office.

As you would expect, our employees use mobile devices to work, and that is why we use Citrix Endpoint Management (formerly XenMobile) to provide them with secure mobile access email and important mobile work apps on either their own device, or on company-owned smartphones. In fact, a security vendor recently conducted a controlled security breach test, and that team could not break into Citrix Endpoint Management’s sandbox or even see or access any apps or data protected by it. We already had confidence in Citrix, but this test demonstrated why our faith is justified.

When attorneys are involved in litigation or major deals, particularly those big deals that extend across countries, they need to securely access and share giant files that greatly exceed the limits on email attachments. So we use Citrix Content Collaboration (formerly ShareFile) to manage and share our content, particularly those huge sensitive files. It’s reassuring to know that Citrix provides critical data loss prevention features that ensure only authorized people can share and access documents distributed and managed by Citrix Content Collaboration., and we continue to monitor advancements to assess what might be appropriate for Uría Menéndez.

One of the key reasons we serve on the Citrix Customer Council is to see how our peers are using Citrix, which enables us to monitor how they use the latest Citrix innovation. By watching our peers deploy new features and capabilities, we can accurately assess when new products have matured enough to work for Uría Menéndez so we can take advantage of those innovations without disrupting operations.

The world continues to change and evolve, and we’re happy to work with a technology partner like Citrix that is constantly adapting and evolving to provide value to customers. As the world continues to evolve, the future looks bright, and its reassuring to know that Citrix will continue to be there for us, constantly seeking new ways to advance our ability to serve clients and improve our operations.

Uría Menéndez is one of the most prestigious independent law firms in the Iberian market. Founded in the 1940s, they have over 500 lawyers in 17 offices located in the most important financial centers in Europe, the Americas and Asia. The international structure allows them to provide Spanish, Portuguese and EU legal advice to clients on their investments in the Iberian Peninsula and abroad.

Santiago Gómez Sancha is responsible for setting and implementing the firm’s IT strategy and has specific responsibility for IT across all offices. He has been working for Uría Menéndez for the last fifteen years. Before 2003, Santiago held senior IT positions in the telecomunications, food and automotive sectors.