In the hot SD-WAN market, customers are seeking easy ways to select vendors that best match their application, cloud and network needs today and into the future. This is not an easy decision, especially when there are more than 50 vendors claiming semblance of SD-WAN capabilities.

SD-WAN revolutionizes how applications are delivered in an enterprise. It offers automation, intelligence and predictive analytics that take the worry out of the WAN and app delivery for IT leaders, while delivering amazing application performance.

When evaluating SD-WAN, using old tools that only show a sliver of SD-WAN value, such as Voice or video QoS, is like using a stethoscope — useful but certainly not conclusive. Just like the battery of tests an expert doctor would rely on for a significant health diagnosis, a proper evaluation of SD-WAN solutions by IT leaders should consist of a panel of tests that go much deeper into: system performance; network uptime and brown-out responses; scale of branch deployments; application experiences; and connectivity to SaaS and top cloud providers. Additionally, the long-term reputation of the provider should be heavily considered as well.

So, whether you are looking for the best SD-WAN solution for your business, or want to obtain the best diagnosis for your health, make sure to ask for broad performance tests and not just rely on narrowly focused tools invented many years ago.

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