Citrix launches Intelligent Traffic Management: a cloud service that guarantees uptime and the best user experience.

There are two mantras in the internet economy. “Consumers’ online experience is crucial” and “Downtime costs money.” Ask anyone who does business online about their biggest worries and these two concerns will rank high on the list. Companies have gone to extraordinary lengths to ensure that their web properties are up. Organizations also have spent a lot of money to ensure that the customer experience is as good as it can be.

Citrix has taken another large step in ensuring that its customers are able to serve their customers better. With the Introduction of Citrix Intelligent Traffic Management (ITM) — built on the technology from the Cedexis acquisition — Citrix is able to guide users to our customers’ content in a way that will provide the best possible user experience for each individual user. In this way, Citrix helps its customers do three things: keep their sites up and running, offer the best user experience to keep users coming back and protect brand reputations.

Citrix ITM: how it helps your business

Many businesses have built datacenter architectures to serve up their content and they have controlled it very well. But business models are changing, and content is not always served from a datacenter. Indeed, it is often preferable to put content into clouds and deliver it from content delivery networks (CDNs) closer to users.

Citrix ITM provides businesses with the ability to choose where they want their content/resources housed and how they want their content delivered — from their datacenter, from a CDN, and then choose which resource repository to use at any given time to satisfy requests.

ITM is a combination of services that guides users to content and provides customers with the assurance that their resources are always available. It enables our customers to ensure that their consumers’ experience is always as good as it can be by guiding them to the content that is closest — or more importantly, most responsive to each user individually

Citrix ITM: a combination of services built to deliver

Citrix Intelligent Traffic Management is built on the acquired Cedexis technology so it ensures the best possible application delivery. ITM is a combination of services that have been specifically created to monitor and improve the user experience.

Citrix Radar: a virtual map of internet user experience

Citrix ITM monitors the internet performance of hundreds of millions of users from over 40,000 networks, crowd-sourcing latency, network availability and throughput characteristic across the globe. This data is collated and analysed. The result is a virtual user experience map of the entire internet. Radar technology is like Waze for internet traffic: users automatically feed data into the ITM systems. With this information, it is possible to spot local internet outages and performance degradation (see the live data here) and then direct user requests to different content sources that are performing better.  

Citrix Sonar: continuous monitoring of resources

In addition to monitoring the networks on the internet, Citrix ITM will closely examine the state of health of our customers’ particular sites for resource availability. A variety of probes exist at various levels within the application stream. The probing interval can be defined as often as once every second. All of this means that the availability data of a resource is always up to date. There is, of course, no point in sending users to a site if the content is not up or available.

Citrix Fusion: use third-party data sets to aid decision making

While Citrix Radar provides the external insight into the end user’s quality of service, Citrix Fusion provides a mechanism to collect and interpret other forms of data and information that can be included in a traffic-steering decision. Information that can be collected includes, resource availability, systems utilisation, current connection’s bandwidth use, cumulative bandwidth, etc. It is even possible to garner a complete end-to-end (content-to-user) picture of content delivery by pulling information about the internal site health via Citrix ADC integration.

Also, Citrix ITM can collect data on CDN variable pricing and cost commitment. With this information, Citrix ITM can bring costing into application delivery for more effective business-driven decisions.

Intelligent Traffic Management: deliver applications in a way that suits your business requirements

Bringing together all of the different components into a single decision-making process to guide consumers to your web resources means that you are in charge of how your applications are delivered. Send users to your datacenter, guide them to your cloud presence or push them to a variety of more local CDNs, or even change the delivery mechanism according the changing conditions programmatically. You are no longer constrained by the limited traffic management algorithms provided by ADC or cloud vendors.

Set up your systems to provide the best user experience with the most cost-effective delivery, the choice is yours. You define the algorithms you want to use based on your business requirements.

Delivered as a service from the cloud

All of this is delivered as a service, with nothing to install or maintain. With 95 points of presence across the globe, Citrix ITM exists as a resilient, scalable and distributed platform that enables traffic steering decisions on content sources to be made for requests closer to users. This means decisions are made more quickly. Citrix Intelligent Traffic Management allows you to decide how to deliver your content to provide the best consumer experience to keep users satisfied and engaged with your business.

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