Here at Citrix, we are dedicated to providing choice, security and experience.

While Citrix Endpoint Management has made great strides toward enhancing the end-user experience, our longest-standing commitment has been to the IT admin.

When managing an entire workforce of end users and the IT infrastructure supporting them, integrations are necessities but add complexity. In our continued quest to remove complexity from integrations and to simplify the IT admin experience, we’re happy to announce support for Apple Business Manager.

Apple Business Manager (ABM) is a new solution that allows you to deploy Apple devices and assign apps to those devices on one unified web portal. Prior to the availability of ABM, you would have had to manage two Apple programs —  the Device Enrollment Program to deploy Apple devices and the Volume Purchasing Program to deploy apps to those devices.

With ABM and Citrix Endpoint Management, you can now:

  • Configure automatic device enrollment
  • Assign privileges based on user roles
  • Integrate with MDM servers
  • Purchase apps and books
  • Manage Apple IDs, user accounts and locations

ABM is supported by XenMobile both on-premises and Citrix Endpoint Management as a cloud service.

For more information on ABM, click here.
To find out how to get started with Apple Business Manager, click here