Ask ten people what a “workspace” means to them and, without question, you’ll get ten different answers. Why? The term “workspace” is used loosely and often times only to describe a single use case or application.

This past May at Citrix Synergy 2018, we announced new Citrix Workspace features and capabilities. The positive customer response and feedback we’ve received has been overwhelming. We believe that the new Citrix Workspace is definitive and unique in its ability to offer a COMPLETE solution with maximum customer value.

Here’s the best part, all of the exciting new Citrix Workspace features and use cases announced just three months ago are available for purchase TODAY through our new Citrix Workspace offerings.

How does Citrix deliver the most complete Workspace?

The Holy Grail of workspace delivery is secure access to ANY application, on ANY device while providing a simplified and unified experience for both IT and the end-user. Citrix Workspace does this by offering a full stack of industry leading technology delivered entirely as a service, with Citrix Cloud.

Imagine removing any one of these critical layers. The result would be disjointed and complicated workflows that require additional third party integration. Each additional vendor required to deliver a complete workspace adds complexity which reduces the user experience, limits IT choice and increases security risks.

These new Citrix Workspace offerings, available today, highlight our ability to provide customers with a complete solution that meets their mandatory requirements for experience, choice and security.

Let’s take a look at the new offers:

Workspace Premium and Premium Plus — Not all users require VCC (virtual client computing) support. Therefore, we created two top tier workspace offerings. Both Workspace Premium and Premium Plus include all of the bells and whistles necessary to provide an unparalleled workspace experience, the only difference is that Premium Plus includes the Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops service. The chart below details all of the features and functionality you’ll receive with these two offers.

Workspace Standard — For most of us, our daily work lives require connectivity to SaaS and web applications. Expanding your corporate perimeter to the deepest darkest corners of the Internet can be dangerous and scary. The ability to deliver secure access to SaaS and web-based applications is top of mind for IT. Workspace Standard solves for this critical use case with a set of security features we call Citrix Access Control. Citrix Access Control delivers key features and functionality such as SaaS controls, web filtering, isolated secure browsing and of course Single Sign-On access to everything.

What makes the new Citrix Workspace offerings unique?

Experience — With equal focus on both the user and IT, Citrix Workspace sets the bar when it comes to experience.

  • User experience — The new Citrix Workspace app, working in conjunction with the Workspace Platform provides the user with a single entry point to their entire Citrix Workspace. While other workspace offers require multiple client side applications, Workspace app offers searchable access to your desktops, applications (virtual/mobile/SaaS/web) and content repositories.  Click HERE for a Workspace app demonstration.

  • IT experience — The back end of any workspace can get complicated for IT. The Citrix Workspace, delivered from Citrix Cloud provides a unified console experience that allows IT to manage all of the workspace services through a single pane of glass.
  • Choice — Digital transformation doesn’t happen overnight so it’s important that our new Workspace offerings help bridge the gap without limiting customer choice and flexibility.
  • Cloud vs. on-prem infrastructure preferences — While some businesses fully embrace the cloud, some aren’t interested at all — but most land somewhere in the middle.  The new Citrix Workspace offerings add-value regardless of your preferred infrastructure.  Here are some ways existing Citrix customers can add value and functionality to their existing environments.
    • Workspace Premium Plus — Full Workspace with only cloud services including three years of hybrid rights (on-prem) giving existing customers plenty of flexibility for scheduling their digital transformation.
    • Workspace Premium — Full Workspace if you’re not quite ready to move XenApp/XenDesktop to the cloud.
    • Workspace Standard — Add Citrix Access Control and Secure Browser service to an existing on-prem Citrix environment giving users access to ALL application types.
  • Device and OS choice — Included with Workspace Premium and Premium Plus, Citrix Endpoint Management offers a broad range of device support including Win10, macOS, Chrome, iOS, Android and IoT devices such as Citrix Ready workspace hub, Alexa for Business and tvOS.
  • Access content from any source, on-prem or cloud with the Content Collaboration. Citrix Workspace with Content Collaboration allows transparent access to any data source on any device including OneDrive for Business, network shares and more. Additionally, Citrix Content Collaboration provides integrated storage options for both on-prem and cloud-based storage preference. Citrix Content Collaboration comes with Workspace Premium and Premium Plus and, for a limited time, includes 1TB of free cloud storage per user. For more information on Citrix Content Collaboration click HERE.

Security — Citrix Workspace provides end-to-end security and visibiity.  Some of the highlights include:

  • Included with all of the Citrix Workspace offerings is Citrix Analytics. Requiring no infrastructure agents, Citrix Analytics pulls granular security metrics across the entire workspace to gain visibility into user behavior, application security and performance.  Integration with Citrix Endpoint Management provides closed-loop security through the ability to take action on the endpoint device. Click HERE for more information on our Citrix Analytics solution.
  • Also included with all of the Workspace offerings is Cloud App Control. Citrix Cloud App Control does SaaS differently than other vendors.  Leveraging standards based browsing technology (Chrome) the Citrix Workspace app launches SaaS apps within the parameters of an HDX session.  This means that in addition to providing SSO and access, Citrix is also providing security controls such as watermarking, printing restrictions, cut/copy/paste restrictions and more .   To learn more about Cloud App Control click HERE.

Citrix Workspace offerings add value two ways

The new Citrix offerings deliver comprehensive capabilities in addition to value-added integration between the layers of the stack. (See figure 1)

Previously, Citrix Workspace delivered value through feature integrations between two or more layers of the stack.

The new Citrix Workspace offerings have upped the ante by providing comprehensive value across the entire workspace.  In other words, the more Citrix Workspace services consumed, the greater the value.

Workspace app, for example, is most powerful when using it to access all of your applications and data sources.

Likewise, Citrix Analytics becomes more powerful and intuitive with each additional Workspace service feed.

More than just a bundle

The new Citrix Workspace offerings are more than just a bundling of services.  They provide workspace solutions for different sets of user groups with a common experience for both end-users and IT.

Click HERE for more information on the new Citrix Workspace offers.