When you check in to a hotel, you are given a key card that provides you with access to your room and some shared areas. It does not give you access to the entire hotel including all rooms and management areas. Likewise, other guests are given access to their rooms — not yours. At times, though, administrative errors assigning rooms can lead to potentially embarrassing situations!

In a similar manner, Micro VPN — that’s part of the Citrix XenMobile SDK — can provide a single, per-app VPN that gives access to a specific app. It also may be granularly configured to access a single intranet resource. It never makes a mistake about which resource an app may access!

Learn how in this Tech Insight video.

XenMobile, the Unified Endpoint Management layer of the Citrix Workspace, protects your enterprise endpoint platforms, apps and data. For use with MAM containers, the XenMobile SDK that is a part of the MDX Toolkit is included in all product editions. The Micro VPN library is available within the SDK.

  • Enterprise apps may be wrapped and integrated with the MDX Toolkit. XenMobile Apps, including Secure Mail, Secure Web, and ShareFile include the Toolkit libraries by default and subsequently the ability to use Micro VPN.
  • The XenMobile SDK is also available for integration with Microsoft EMS/Intune enlightened apps and is included by default with the Intune browser.

Micro VPN works in conjunction with the market-leading Citrix NetScaler Gateway to establish the seamless VPN that securely tunnels traffic between platform apps and backend resources. App IDs that are granted access to Micro VPN are mapped to unique sessions with a token that provides single sign-on to resources that require web authentication (that is NetScaler’s ability to negotiate on behalf of the managed app).

It is also flexible and may be configured for a variety of requirements such as the need to proxy a full tunnel to support client certificate authentication, split traffic out of the tunnel to use the mobile device routes at an application or network level, and direct traffic to a proxy server as needed.

XenMobile Unified Endpoint Management, is an essential layer of the Citrix Workspace for protecting your enterprise platforms, apps and data. Review more about how its Micro VPN feature seamlessly enables WorkSpace apps to securely access Enterprise resources. Comment below or reach me by tweeting @tweetmattbrooks.