At Citrix Synergy in May, we shared that we would be delivering a number of enhancements for Secure Mail over the next few months. One of those was a new photo-attachment experience to address our goal of providing users with an almost-native experience.

The photo-attachment experience is aimed at minimizing the number of clicks it takes to complete the desired action. The new gallery icon in Secure Mail — on the lower right-hand corner — opens to show the user the most recent images captured or provides the option to take a photo and share. This mirrors a user’s experience when sending text messages or emails.

This enriched photo-attachment experience will be rolled out to users over the next seven days as part of our latest XenMobile 10.8.45 release.

The new photo-attachment experience is available only on Android at this time, but will be available on iOS devices soon.

In addition to the photo-attachment capability, the new version of Secure Mail also includes sync icon that allows users to refresh mail, calendars, contacts and files. The sync icon will be available on both iOS and Android.

Finally, Secure Hub 10.8.45 is also now available. Secure Mail 10.8.45 and Secure Web 10.8.45 will be rolled out to users in the next seven days following a staged release cadence.

Visit for additional documentation including full feature list, as well as known and fixed issues in XenMobile 10.8.45.