The future is, inevitably, CLOUD. Businesses are transitioning and the enterprise industry expects their vendors to help seamlessly migrate their VDI infrastructures and control plane to cloud. But one thing that Citrix understands quite well is that many organizations aren’t nearly as ready or willing to go all in on cloud… not just yet. They are stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Most IT teams are currently tasked to procure the required hardware for their data centres, hire solution architects to design their on-premises solutions (as shown below) and then deploy:

  1. Virtual App delivery – IT teams delivering the commonly used business and SaaS applications to the end users with any device and over any network.
  2. Virtual Desktop Delivery – IT teams delivering Windows( any Client OS or Server desktops) or Linux desktops for any users (Thin Client is a common use case), over any device or network.

This means hard work and long hours for IT teams, but they don’t feel the pain as they have been doing it passionately for years. In fact, choosing to move to cloud is perceived as a complex transition.

Like always, Citrix is here to help!

The advent of cloud technology has proved to be the effective and a viable solution in the industry. IT can now deploy all these solutions on cloud, and Citrix is here to enable this transition with Citrix Cloud – Fast, Simple, Flexible and Secure.

Citrix offers the world class solution in the market to deliver your virtualized apps and desktops to any device, over any network, on any cloud, onprem or even hybrid. Citrix Workspace services or the Citrix Cloud offering that includes XenApp Service, XenDesktop Service, ShareFile, XenMobile/Endpoint Management, enables IT to manage all their apps, desktops and data from a single pane and build a secure digital perimeter around the user.

Citrix Workspace App is a single, unified experience that has everything you need – all your data, apps, desktops. Isn’t that awesome?! Everything at your finger-tips.

End-user computing hasn’t been this easy and simple, in a long time. IT teams can finally rejoice with such simpler and seamless deployments. And, we all have Citrix to thank for. Citrix isn’t just a choice, it’s the only choice. EUC, indeed, stands for “Everyone Uses Citrix.”