As today’s businesses embrace digital transformation, organizations need to overhaul their WAN networks to achieve the agility and flexibility IT needs to provide simplified connectivity to virtual, SaaS and cloud applications. As businesses seek to change and evolve their networks, the market is seeing rapid adoption of SD-WAN technology. In order to make the best choice for your business, you need to ensure your technology partner understands your diverse and unique needs and can provide a solution that is robust enough to handle all your use cases.

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How SD-WAN application classification enables intelligent traffic steering
By measuring traffic data in both directions, it is possible to build a complete map of the network. With this you can ensure an always-on network and high-quality application delivery. The ability to identify applications in real-time gives you visibility into application-level bandwidth consumption and QoS to facilitate prioritization for optimal performance.

SD-WAN for Internet/Cloud/SaaS to breakout from the hub and spoke architecture
Adoption of cloud and SaaS leads to new network traffic patterns that legacy WAN architectures are not optimized to handle. Traditional WANs were not built to carry the volume of traffic that cloud-based applications now generate. Using MPLS to backhaul Internet traffic through the data center is costly and because of the added latency can results in a poor user experience. Citrix SD-WAN technology can identify applications allowing you to confidently enable fast and secure access to the Internet or SaaS from the local branch. SD-WAN intelligently allows you to determine how to route traffic across the WAN services.

SD-WAN for virtual apps and desktops to improve the HDX experience for branch users
Explore how to achieve always-on network connectivity with secure delivery of virtual apps and desktops to branch users. Those with MPLS facing the need for more bandwidth can increase the reliability of network connections at a much lower cost than single-circuit MPLS-only WAN. Citrix SD-WAN technology can improve bandwidth utilization allowing you to handle high resolution monitors, HD video and 3D graphics while ensuring prioritization in case of a link failure. SD-WAN improves the performance of business-critical HDX traffic for a better user experience with fair sharing of the pipe and best path selection.

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