During my recent visit to my hometown of Delhi, I was in charge of the arrangements for my parents’ twenty-fifth wedding anniversary. As part of the planning, I used Receiver for Linux to run multiple sessions on multiple desktops, to help me categorize my arrangements well. However, everytime I disconnected and relaunched the sessions, I had to reposition the sessions manually. This was a major disappointment for me. Luckily, Receiver for Linux 13.10 solves this problem!

With Receiver for Linux 13.10, we have introduced the new Multi-monitor Save Layout feature to empower end users to dynamically adjust and save the layout information across endpoints, thus optimizing end user experience in multi-monitor environment.

Multi-monitor Save Layout feature

After launching desktop session(s) and repositioning them in a multi-monitor screen, if a user clicks on the “Save Layout” button on any of the launched sessions toolbar, the session layouts will be saved in Storefront.

For more details on configuration and usage of this feature, please refer to the Product Documentation.

Impressed? Well, we’re not done yet! We have some more gifts in store for you…

  • Migration to CryptoKit v14.1
  • Retail Logging Enhancements

Migration to CryptoKit v14.1

Citrix continues to enhance the security of its products to match the current standards. The new Citrix Receiver for Linux 13.10 includes deprecation of TLS/DTLS cipher suites which do not offer forward secrecy. These include cipher suites whose names begin with TLS_RSA_, as they are considered cryptographically weak. For configuration details, refer the Product Documentation.

Retail Logging Enhancements

And now, for your your last gift! With 13.10, we have enabled retail logging for End User Experience Monitoring (EUEM), Connection Center and Graphics module! That means, that logs for these 3 features can also be collected in the retail builds. Now that’s a huge enhancement considering how important and vast these features are! For configuration details, refer the Product Documentation.

So, what are you waiting for? Download the all-new and very best Receiver for Linux here. And let us know if you love it as much as we do! 😉