The NBA and NHL finals have just finished up. We just passed the Summer Solstice (for the Northern hemisphere). The 2018 World Cup is underway and will reach the knockout stage by the end of June. And all the while, the R&D team responsible for Smart Check has been busy updating the service for you, our valued customers.

Before I jump into the June highlights, in my last blog post, I fell short of explaining just how useful and powerful Smart Check can be for your on-premises XenApp and XenDesktop environments. Here are a few key points to help drive home the value:

  • We currently have a library of 9 checks that cover the most critical components, such as Delivery Controllers, StoreFront, VDAs, PVS, and Licensing.
  • Our checks evaluate 70+ conditions that represent some of the most common factors impacting the health and operations of your environments.
  • It’s all automated for you! Instead of performing these checks manually or scripting it yourself, the Smart Check service takes care of it all.
  • When issues are found by Smart Check, we help guide you on how to resolve by giving specific instructions or pointing you directly to relevant reference content such as Citrix knowledgebase articles (a.k.a CTX articles). Our health checks reference 51 CTX articles today.

If you are new to Smart Check and looking for an easy way to learn how to get started quickly, please check out our new “Getting Started with Smart Check” guide. It is a great resource that walks you through a few simple steps to get started in a matter of just a few minutes.

When you access Smart Check, there are a few recent changes to the user experience that are worth pointing out.

  • We have simplified the UI by removing little-used features (e.g. Smart Build and Smart Migrate). By default, the landing page for Smart Tools now brings you directly to Smart Check. Also, the menu options have been reduced to just three options: Smart Check, Checks Library, and Smart Scale.

Smart Check Menu Options

  • Based on customer feedback, we have altered the way “Total Issues” gets calculated in the dashboard for each site to only include “Errors” and “Warnings”; “Notifications” are now excluded from “Total Issues.”

  • Over the last few months, we have added several new checks. To raise awareness, before you use any of these new checks, they will be labeled as “New” in the “Perform Check” dropdown menu. Once you select the check from the dropdown menu or have scheduled the check to run, the “New” label will disappear.

  • The daily site report email has been enhanced to list all 6 logical groups matching the same 6 logical groups displayed visually on the Smart Check dashboard for each of your sites.

  • We are starting to automatically publish all the available checks, by default. In the past, only a small number of default “legacy” checks were published automatically. And to get the new checks, you would have to go to the Checks Library to manually add the ones you wanted. For Smart Check users who onboard now, all the checks will be available by default. If you are an existing customer, all the checks — except for Licensing and StoreFront checks —should be available. We are working to address this limitation in July. Until then, if you don’t see License Server Checks or StoreFront Checks in your list of available checks, simply go to the Checks Library to manually add them.

  • Speaking of “legacy” checks, we have deprecated two of them:
    • “Update Checks” has been replaced by the newer and more capable “Product Lifecycle Checks”.
    • “Apps and Desktop Checks” has been deprecated because it wasn’t providing the value we had expected. The new checks we have added during the last few months, such as StoreFront, Licensing, and PVS, add considerably more value.

We remain hard at work and will provide another update in July. Until then, those of you in the Northern hemisphere enjoy the start of Summer, and those of you in the Southern hemisphere enjoy the start of Winter. And best of luck rooting on your favorite World Cup team!