It’s hurricane season again.

As companies prepare for those storm clouds, some have turned to a different kind of cloud to support business operations — no matter what the weather.

A mid-size reinsurance company in the southeastern United States adopted Citrix Workspace service, powered by Citrix Cloud, in early 2017 — well ahead of hurricane season. One of their primary goals was to easily and quickly scale up IT capabilities to support temporary employees who would handle damage claims if a hurricane hit.

Other reasons for moving to Citrix Cloud included cutting costs of on-premises infrastructure, reducing IT administration, and benefiting from the latest product capabilities.

Although the insurance company was an existing Citrix customer, its IT team did not have experience with configuring cloud services. Facing a tight deadline for this project, the company worked closely with the Citrix Cloud Success team.

Cloud Success is a new, complimentary service that helps Citrix Cloud customers:

  • Accelerate deployment with expert guidance
  • Expand user adoption and use cases
  • Maximize new features and functionality

In short, Cloud Success aims to help customers get the most value from their Citrix Cloud service in the shortest amount of time – executed against our best-in-class methodology.

Dedicated Cloud Success team

The insurance firm was assigned a dedicated Cloud Success Manager (CSM), who leveraged the technical expertise of a Cloud Success Engineer (CSE) to assist with configuring Citrix Workspace Service.

Their combined guidance became even more important when, halfway through the project, the company’s leading Citrix expert took a leave of absence.

Here’s how the Cloud Success team made a difference:

  • The CSM created a detailed project plan, which was critical for meeting milestones after the internal expert left the company.
  • The CSE led the expedited rollout of Citrix Workspace Service to deliver a desktop to 100 temporary users by the aggressive deadline.
  • The CSM and CSE encouraged the company to add NetScaler Gateway for secure, remote access to the Citrix environment in case of interruptions during a hurricane.
  • They provided best practices, documentation, and educational resources about cloud services to fill gaps in technical knowledge among the IT staff.

These efforts paid off in a big way when Hurricane Irma hit the United States in September 2017. Although the company’s offices were impacted, temporary workers were able to connect to their Citrix desktops remotely, so they could continue serving policyholders during and after the storm.

Thanks to Citrix Cloud, the organization also saved money that would have been spent on hardware and software to support these additional workers. Plus, the cloud model makes it easy and painless to scale up or down when seasonal needs change throughout the year.

With ongoing assistance from Cloud Success, the company is expanding Workspace Service to its permanent employees. It is also hosting Citrix workloads in Microsoft Azure, further leveraging the benefits of cloud technology.

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