Learn about Citrix Cloud-hosted XenMobile service

Security Layers

Mobility Security is an evolving area of information security. The focus on it has been accelerating along with the growth in mobile endpoint computing. The jury is still out on the best approach, but most would agree there is no silver bullet, and it takes a layered approach to protect enterprise data on mobile endpoints.

The endpoint threat vectors are numerous. Ransomware might be holding valuable intellectual property hostage; a man-in-the-middle breach may be eavesdropping on the transfer of personal data in violation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR); or an illegal transfer of sensitive data out of country borders is in violation of the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA).

Some of layers of Citrix Workspace that can help your enterprise guard against endpoint threats include:

Secure Digital Perimeter

Recently at the RSA Conference 2018, Citrix discussed a new security framework: our vision for digital workspaces requires a trusted, people-centric security framework — a secure digital perimeter.

Citrix Analytics

Last year, Citrix unveiled Citrix Analytics Service. Citrix Analytics uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to defend against external and insider security threats. Endpoints are a potent source of threat insights.

Unified Endpoint Management

Citrix Unified Endpoint Management, which consolidates the management of devices, operating systems, apps, content, and more across a variety of platforms is powered by XenMobile Service.

XenMobile Service

XenMobile Service is based in Citrix Cloud, and hosted by Cloud Platform Providers (CPPs) including Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services. It unites customer Resource Locations and XenMobile Clients on managed endpoints to bring to fruition endpoint management strategy ready for the digital workspace.

XenMobile Service is composed primarily of five components:

  • XenMobile (Server) Service is the XenMobile engine to provide Unified Endpoint Management of XenMobile Clients in the cloud.
  • Citrix Cloud is the hub that orchestrates access to and interaction between essential cloud elements.
  • Cloud Platform Provider (CPP) We host our services primarily in Microsoft Azure, although we also use and support other cloud vendors, such as Amazon Web Service (AWS).
  • Resource Location/(s) is the location/(s) with the customer domain Active Directory presence, resources like SharePoint sites and backend databases.
  • XenMobile Client is the mobile endpoint that is managed by XenMobile.

Learn more about these components and the endpoint protection XenMobile Service provides in this recently-released whitepaper Citrix XenMobile Service Security.

Citrix Unified Endpoint Management, powered by XenMobile Service, is an essential layer of your security strategy to protect your enterprise apps and data. Comment below, tweet @tweetmattbrooks, or meet me in person at Citrix Synergy 2018 in Anaheim, May 7-10!