On the fence about attending Synergy in Anaheim, CA this year? You shouldn’t be. The agenda is jam-packed with sessions about innovative new technology. Perhaps more importantly, some of the featured new offerings that are coming to market very soon can help you secure and optimize your business. Foremost among these is Citrix Analytics.

Citrix Analytics, delivered via Citrix Cloud, aggregates and correlates information that spans the entire Citrix product portfolio. Applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), Citrix Analytics serves up keen insights and reveals previously hard to detect and understand issues. More than just another dashboard, Citrix Analytics also can take action on these potential threats.

One area of focus is security analytics, specifically User Behavior Analytics (UBA). A common tactic that hackers use to breach networks is compromised or stolen credentials. You can fortify your IT environment with all the firewalls, steal, rebar and cement you can afford, but once a malicious user has inside access via trusted credentials, the hacker can run wild causing all sorts of damage such as downloading sensitive data or blocking access to your files by installing ransomware.

How can you tell bad actors from good ones when they all appear to be legitimate users? How can you prevent or limit the damage? Citrix Analytics creates risk profiles for all users and applies AI to differentiate good from bad. Once malicious insiders are discovered, Citrix Analytics can take appropriate action. Check out this short video.

It’s not just about security analytics, though. Citrix Analytics also focuses on application performance and operations and usage analytics in the coming months.

Does this look like something your organization can benefit from? Join us this May at Synergy to learn more. I hope to see you in Anaheim.

Here are a few Citrix Analytics sessions to check out:

SYN110 Identify Security Threats with Citrix Analytics

Companies continue to face threats from within (e.g. document exfiltration) and from outside (e.g. ransomware attacks). Citrix ShareFile collects information (events) on user behavior with documents: access, downloads, sharing, and this information can identify suspicious patterns and alert administrators. Citrix Analytics Service (CAS) applies Machine Learning algorithms to identify patterns and anomalies, and reports them to the administrators so they can automate actions to prevent security issues. Citrix has the advantage of collecting data from network (NetScaler), applications (XM/XA), desktops (XD), and documents (ShareFile). This session will demonstrate how analytics can reveal external threats such as Ransomware and Malware, and how analyzing usage is critical to securing data.

SYN124 Using Citrix Analytics to reveal internal threats

Citrix Analytics helps prevent internal threats by identifying risky user behaviors, protects apps from external attacks and preempts data exfiltration attacks. In this session you will learn how Citrix Analytics supports the Secure Digital Perimeter and uses advanced technology including machine learning to address sophisticated modern security concerns.

SYN126 Actionable app and desktop monitoring in Citrix Cloud

XenApp and XenDesktop Service in Citrix Cloud is an evergreen service for hosting virtualized applications and desktops. It removes the burden of maintaining the control plane on-premises and enables customers to leverage the agility and scalability offered by IaaS cloud services like Azure and AWS for hosting the infrastructure layer. When transitioning from on-premises to cloud, it is imperative that the administrator is able to consistently monitor availability of virtualized applications and desktops, reliably predict resource usage to make best use of flexible cloud pricing and intelligently identify risky user behavior and security threats in order to quarantine user sessions and credentials that are perceived to be at risk. This session will dive in to these imperatives, and show how the latest Director features address them.

SYN704 Deep insights across the Citrix portfolio with Citrix Analytics

Each day, you are faced with security threats and ensuring that your applications are running at speed. Come hear how Citrix Analytics addresses these challenges using machine learning and other techniques to uncover deep insights that span the Citrix portfolio. Not only will threats and issues be surfaced, but Citrix Analytics can prescriptively take action to resolve them. Whether your Citrix deployments are managed on-premises in a datacenter you maintain, in a public cloud or a hybrid of the two, Citrix Analytics can provide you with a deeper level of understanding of your entire environment.

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