With GDPR a little over a month away, it is no wonder RSA has chosen “Now Matters” for this year’s theme. Whether it is GDPR or the speed and impact of recent cyberthreats, now, more than ever, companies are focused on finding solutions to protect their employees and corporate data from cybercriminals.

In such a highly connected world where the average worker uses at least three devices for work, there are now even more entry points for cybercriminals to attack. For IT, it is important to find solutions to manage these diverse endpoints and set security and compliance measures in place to help protect against threats.

XenMobile Service, a unified endpoint management (UEM) solution, addresses security concerns like data loss, availability and identity. From a single console, IT can manage laptops, mobile devices, tablets and IoT devices setting security actions like lock/unlock, selective/full wipe or revoke in the event that devices have been lost, stolen or compromised. In case of jailbroken or rooted devices, IT can revoke access to corporate apps as the device may be susceptible to vulnerabilities.

Delivering UEM as a service simplifies management of a UEM infrastructure and allows IT administrators to focus on defining policies, managing compliance, and increasing user productivity. IT leaders can spend less time managing their environments and more time focusing on how to protect their employees and corporate data from cyberthreats.

Attending RSA? Get a live-demo of our unified endpoint management solution at the Citrix booth #1515 (South Expo Hall) or schedule a meeting with a Citrix expert to help understand how we can help keep your apps, data, and users safe.

Even if you are not attending RSA, you can still learn more about how a UEM solution from Citrix can help protect your apps, data and endpoints: