During my recent holiday in Dubai, I visited a number of malls, as it is too hot during the day to be outside. What I noticed was that there were so many cameras everywhere and it occurred to me that that’s true for most of the cities in the world. More importantly, it got me thinking about all the camera operators and what they could do, having access to be all these live feeds. Any one of them could easily take screenshots of all the people who are visiting the mall. A trusted entity could be able to get away with so much. Continuing this thought process, one wonders what someone with access could, under the guise of legitimate access, be able to gain by simply taking screenshots of a screen.

In a financial institution, your customers’ personal information is available to be exfiltrated by someone who has access, or a disgruntled employee could steal company secrets. It is very hard to trace where a screenshot comes from. Even with Citrix policies that block users from copying data via the clipboard, it’s possible to take screenshots of the session on a client machine and then share the data.

With protecting your company’s intellectual property and your customer data in mind, we are introducing Citrix Session Watermarking to bolster the already extensive range of Citrix polices.

My colleague, Wayne Liu, has written about this great new feature that adds traceable information on top of the VDI screen as a deterrent to prevent people from stealing the screenshot. I have attempted to make it simple for you to understand the feature set in this short video please take a look.

Read about the policies that help you to configure session watermarking. These give you, the administrator, the wherewithal to prevent any wrong doing by malicious users under the guise of legitimate access. They also help in tracking down the perpetrator when the leak is uncovered.

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