If you still haven’t made your plans to attend Citrix Synergy 2018, May 8–10 in Anaheim, California, now is the time!

With the 2-for-1 Flash Sale, when you buy a full conference pass and use the 2FOR1 promo code, you’ll get one for free!

Plus, the person who registers will receive a rate of just $1395. That means you can bring a colleague or a co-worker for free and save on your own registration, too — and both of you will experience all the networking and training that Synergy offers. The 2-for-1 Flash Sale offer is only good through April 6, 2018, though, so register by Friday to receive your code for a free registration. Read the rules here.

Speaking of all those Synergy benefits: it can be difficult, even for attendees who have been here before, to narrow down the best choices from the incredible number of options in the time that’s available. Since the best way to experience Synergy is different for everyone, we developed personalized agendas that hit all the highlights. Each Path to Success is a roadmap that will guide you to the breakouts, interactive sessions and networking events that will help you get the most value from Synergy. Paths are available for those new to Citrix, for Citrix champions and executives. You can use the path as the basis for your conference agenda or tailor it even further: the full catalog offers endless options to customize by area of interest, content type, session type and more.

Each Path to Success offers a visual map to top Synergy picks—here are a few highlights, along with links so you can explore each path:

New to Citrix Path to Success
If you’re new to our company, and want a deeper understanding of how Citrix solutions help organizations work better, start here. This path kicks off with the Navigators Reception, which will introduce you to Synergy experts who can show you how to find your way around and locate the most relevant sessions. You’ll get an overview of Citrix vision and the technology that enables it in the Opening Keynote as well as breakout sessions. This path also spotlights our Super Session speakers, Dr. Condoleezza Rice, 66th U.S. Secretary of State, and New York Times bestselling author Michael Lewis. View the New to Citrix path

Citrix Champion Path to Success
You already know the value that Citrix solutions offer—maybe you’d like to build on previous successes or want training on the most advanced technology. Begin with this path, which leads with the Instructor-led Learning Labs preconference workshop, one of our most popular add-on features. You’ll also get details on how to get the free Citrix certification of your choice, and learn about the Citrix Experience Center, which showcases Citrix solutions in real-world environments. View the Citrix champions path

Your focus is the big picture: how to give your users the freedom to innovate with access to every tool they need from any device, all while keeping your environment secure. This high-level path begins with an overview of Citrix vision and offers opportunities to engage with Citrix customers in small groups and network with your peers to hear how others are using our solutions to reach new markets, create new business models and develop new products and services. View the executive path

These Paths to Success were popular last year when we introduced them, and I hope they give you a good head-start on planning an agenda that delivers a great return on your Synergy investment. Remember, the 2-for-1 Flash Sale offer is only good through April 6, 2018, so register by Friday to receive your code for a free registration. Be sure to use the code 2FOR1 when you register. I hope to see you in Anaheim for Citrix Synergy 2018, May 8–10. I’ll update my feed with news as it happens: follow me on Twitter @merisummers.