Are you adopting Office 365 — particularly Exchange Online — and do you need to migrate all of your users from on-premises deployment? Good news! Citrix Secure Mail, the number one enterprise grade e-mail application offering a business class optimized experience, now provides yet another capability to enable customers to seamlessly move their end users to Exchange Online.

As customers adopt Office 365 applications and Exchange Online in particular, customers require the following capabilities to be supported in an e-mail application to ensure a successful migration:

  • Support modern style, OAuth based authentication
  • Optionally support ADFS or IDP in the authentication workflow
  • No re-installation of e-mail application, as end user mailboxes are moved from on-premises Exchange server to Exchange Online
  • No need to re-sync already-synced e-mails, as end-user mailboxes are moved from on-premises Exchange server to Exchange Online

Secure Mail supports all of the above capabilities and provides a seamless experience to the end users. Here’s how it works:

Modern Style Authentication:

  • End users will be presented Microsoft Office 365 login page or company ADFS/IDP login page to enter their credentials.
  • OAuth token will be retrieved upon successful authentication and will be leveraged for outgoing mail, calendar and contact requests. OAuth tokens are short-lived and automatically renewed behind the scenes.
  • No caching of credentials required by Secure Mail.

On-premises to Exchange Online mailbox migration:

Customers execute end user mailbox migration in phases. As such, Secure Mail will continue to support on-premises Exchange server. Secure Mail will automatically detect a mailbox has moved to Exchange online:

  • No re-installation of application is required to support mailbox migration to Exchange Online
  • No need to re-sync already synced e-mails as end user mailboxes are moved from on-premises Exchange server to Exchange Online.
  • Secure Mail will automatically redirect to the correct mailbox and update the target e-mail address.

The following video shows the simple end-user experience when migrating mailboxes to Exchange Online:

What if the user is already on Exchange Online and is not using Modern Style authentication? No problem! As administrator configures the backend to use OAuth, Secure Mail will trigger a flow to obtain OAuth. Subsequent requests to mail, calendar, contacts will include OAuth and not user credentials.

Secure Mail is a top notch enterprise grade e-mail application. It also provides delightful experiences to the end user. No wonder Secure Mail App Store rating is at 4.5!

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