Since Chromebooks were first introduced in 2011, Citrix has partnered with Google to optimize Receiver for Chrome, allowing enterprise customers to securely deliver apps, data, and desktops to any Chrome OS device. Today Citrix is excited to further extend our partnership by announcing the availability of Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) for Chrome OS.

XenMobile Service customers will automatically receive Chrome Enterprise support in an update over the next few days.

The new UEM offering for Chrome Enterprise further demonstrates how XenMobile continues to rapidly transform from a mobility management platform to a bedrock UEM platform capable of securely managing all endpoints across the enterprise. We are moving incredibly fast – in addition to our broad support for Android and iOS policies, in the last six months we’ve also added over 40 new UEM policies for Windows 10, MacOS, Workspace Hub, and now Chrome Enterprise.

Citrix’ comprehensive UEM support doesn’t limit customer device choice, but enables enterprise IT to securely manage business apps and data with confidence to and from any employee-purchased or company-provided device.

XenMobile UEM can be used to secure the Chrome device using policies such as enforcing Chrome OS updates, disabling guest user mode, disabling incognito mode, and controlling which Android and Chrome applications are allowed to run on the device. Configuration policies include the ability to configure power management settings, single sign-on IDP redirection and cookie behavior, among other capabilities.

With Citrix UEM support, timed with today’s Google Chrome Enterprise announcement, Citrix customers are able to further extend the management and security benefits from hundreds of successful Citrix XenApp deployments on Chromebooks or any other Chrome OS based endpoint. While new enterprise customers can confidently deploy secure Chrome OS devices with market leading XenApp & XenDesktop in addition to full Citrix UEM support.
XenMobile UEM support for Chrome Enterprise gives IT the ability to deliver secure workspaces to more device types than ever before. This makes your employees productive from anywhere – on their preferred device type.

Interested in taking the enhanced Citrix XenMobile Service for a test spin? Click HERE and let us set-up a free trial instance for you in Citrix Cloud.