Have you ever come across a situation where a video in an ICA session was just stuck in the buffering stage and was taking ages to load? Or you had very few details about what is happening in the ICA session and did not know what was wrong with the session?

If your answer to any of these questions is “YES!” then worry no more. We have provided the solution for both of these problems in the latest release of Receiver for Linux. Not just this, our new release provides dramatically improved performance. Icing on the cake 😍

Browser Content Redirection

This will prevent the rendering of select web pages on the VDA side, and will create a corresponding browser embedded within Citrix Receiver that will be responsible for rendering the URL. This feature will offload network utilization, page processing, and graphics rendering to the endpoint, and it gives the end user an improved browsing experience. How cool is that!

Are you now thinking about how to get the benefits of this feature? It’s easy-peasy because this is enabled by default as soon as you install Citrix Receiver for Linux 13.9.1. There is also a provision to disable it by changing the following values in module.ini file



To know about how to configure it, please go through the product documentation.

Optimizing Citrix Ready Workspace Hub Experience

Citrix Ready workspace hub enables a new smart and secure digital workspace. Under the hood, Receiver for Linux plays the critical role of bringing you the optimized HDX experience. In this release, we enhanced our capability to enable crucial workspace hub features.

Better Logging

Finally, yet most importantly, there is better debugging with the retail builds. Up until now, only a very basic debugging was provided. From now on, the receiver comes with extensive logging capabilities. This will help the customer troubleshoot — or in cases of a complicated issue reported to service team — to facilitate the job of the support team with the detailed logs. For now, it is provided for the following components: Connection Sequence (WD, PD, TD and Proxy) and Printing.

I know after hearing this, you can’t wait to use the logging feature and want to know how to configure it, right?  😎 Please go through the product documentation for step-by-step instructions. Happy Logging!

That’s all for now! What are you waiting for? Go ahead, download and start exploring the new features. Please let us know your views in the comments section below. Keep checking the Citrix Receiver Blogs for new and innovative solutions provided by us.