If you work in your company’s IT security department, you probably have already implemented proactive measures to protect your organization from phishing attacks, such as analyzing web traffic, periodic testing of your organization (using the results to update your employee training) and checking the safety of each link a user clicks. The last one is the trickiest.

In order to combat phishing attacks, you need to know the details about any suspected phishing email, but how do you get to them? Why not encourage good behavior from employees by having “Catch of the Day” program (excuse the pun, but we are talking about phishing after all) that rewards employees for spotting and reporting them. XenMobile has the ability to help you here.

The Citrix Workspace UEM component — XenMobile — has had an option “Restrictions Device Policy” that forces a fraud warning to alert users they are visiting a suspected phishing website. With the latest release of XenMobile, users can now report suspected phishing email. This new feature, Report Phishing Emails, makes this reporting simple for your IT admins and easy as 1-2-3 for your users.

Reporting Phishing Messages

Secure Mail for iOS and Android allows you to report mails suspected of phishing. To enable this feature, the IT admin configures the Report Phishing Mail Addresses policy.  In this policy you provide an email address or a list of comma-separated email addresses that will be used to report the phishing message. For details, see Report Phishing Emails.

The following images show how simple it is for the user to flag a suspected phishing email.  Once this policy is in place, if a user encounters a suspected phishing email all they have to do to report the email is (1) Swipe-Right and tap More to display the menu options, (2) tap Report as phishing and (3) tap REPORT AND DELETE. That’s all there is to it.

This email has now been reported to the address or addresses the IT Admin has configured, and it has been deleted from the user’s Inbox.

With this email, IT can now analyze it and plan a course of action to defend against subsequent attacks.

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