Citrix is all about choice. So, when you choose to move your workloads to the cloud, we view it as an opportunity.

With Citrix NetScaler and AWS, you not only get the scalability of the cloud but also, the benefits of NetScaler, including centralized control, security and visibility and analytics inherent to on-premises deployments.

Scaling your workloads to the cloud helps your organization remain agile and data-driven. But the shift to cloud environments is bringing new challenges for application delivery, forcing IT professionals to oversee multiple environments. As software becomes more distributed, visibility and control over security and performance issues can be limited. This poses a serious risk to organizations. Users may experience frustration due to lack of productivity, or worse, a breakdown of their operations because they can’t access the apps they need.

Citrix NetScaler in Amazon Web Services (AWS) environments brings together the flexibility, scalability, automation of the AWS cloud computing platform with NetScaler’s centralized network management, analytics, and orchestration solution. Add to that the NetScaler web application firewall, SSL VPN and much, much more, and it’s clear how this helps ease the journey to cloud for enterprise customers.

No matter where they live, consistently deliver your applications with the same security, monitoring, management, governance, and performance with Citrix NetScaler in AWS Marketplace.

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