Enterprises are transforming the way they consume applications. They are accessing SaaS, moving internal apps to public clouds, taking advantage of virtualized apps /desktops in the cloud, and consuming prodigious amounts of real-time voice and multimedia to run their businesses. The NetScaler SD-WAN solution forms the backbone of the new enterprise network, ensuring an always-on, high-quality experience and a simpler, more agile branch network, fueling phenomenal demand for NetScaler SD-WAN. As SD-WAN becomes mainstream, enterprises may want to leverage the expertise of a service provider to help them transition to a software-defined WAN.

Citrix is expanding our SD-WAN offering for service providers to provide delivery of SD-WAN as a service at high-scale by network and managed service providers.

Over 400,000 enterprises around the world are delivering a secure digital workspace using Citrix technology, and many have taken advantage of managed SD-WAN services via the program we announced last fall for Citrix Service Providers. Through this program, our partners have been able to offer their customers the option of a managed SD-WAN solution using the NetScaler SD-WAN offering. This enabled select Citrix partners to provide best of breed SD-WAN functionality for real-time and interactive applications with the additional benefit of a solution tailored for virtualized apps and desktops.

Building on the initial success of the Citrix Service Provider program, Citrix is now expanding the program to cover the needs of managed service providers (MSPs) and Network service providers (NSP) who want to offer the Citrix SD-WAN as a service to their customers and subscribers.

The expanded Citrix Managed Service Provider Offering program includes:

  • Flexible licensing and fulfillment, allowing service providers to bundle appliances as part of monthly service, or simply resell the appliances.
  • A multi-tenant Citrix Cloud based Service Orchestrator to enable NSP and MSPs to deliver SD-WAN services to a multitude of customers via downstream partners
  • Full REST API support for all aspects of configuration, management, deployment and troubleshooting, enabling the SD-WAN solution to integrate fully into the orchestration and business systems in use by the service provider.
  • Customized service and support programs that allows partners of different sizes to build a program that suits their business needs.
  • Enablement designed for service providers, which will aid service providers to quickly transition SD-WAN leads to demos, to wins, and then seamless rollouts.

The NetScaler SD-WAN solution can be delivered to service provider customers as a virtual network function (VNF) or on a range of Citrix hardware appliance options.

In addition to unveiling the program expansion at Mobile World Congresss 2018, we will also be demonstrating a new 4G/LTE-enabled branch appliance that is ideal for for service providers who want to bundle a wireless link with their service offering. This small-profile, fanless appliance supports all the features of the larger SD-WAN appliances including best of breed WAN path bonding and real-time path selection, fail-to-wire ports, firewall and routing, and will drive drive down the cost of customer premises equipment by integrating wireless connectivity with SD-WAN. The option of an 4G/LTE link also means that a service provider can quickly turn up service at a new location as it no longer has to wait for traditional wireline WAN services to be provisioned to a particular address.

If you are attending Mobile World Congress, stop by the Citrix MWC booth to see the NetScaler SD-WAN solution and discuss the Citrix service provider program details. Discover how offering SD-WAN as a service to your customers will position you for the future. Finally, you can catch up on everything we’ll be demonstrating in the Citrix booth in this announcement.