They say that the camera adds 10 pounds. Oof. I think I’m carrying around 6 or so extra cameras.

This year at #CitrixSummit, I decided I would try something a little different. Different for me, anyway. Taking my Samsung S8+, a tripod, and a custom-made telescoping microphone, I hit the expo hall to see what some of the sponsors were saying. The results, quite literally, speak for themselves.


After sneaking past security (okay, okay, so, I had a badge and I’m a Citrite. But I still “sneaked”), I landed in the Cisco booth where I spoke with Ahmed Dessouki. Ahmed was relaying the story of Intelligent Application Delivery and the power of their Netscaler integration from a datacenter architectural viewpoint. Ahmed’s goal here is to simplify and add flexibility to your network layering from L4 – L7. What is L4 – L7 you ask? To get the full story, you would’ve had to spend three days with me back in 1996 in a Networking Technology course. But let me say it starts with the Transport Layer and works from there.

I asked Ahmed what was the number one use case customers and partners looked for in the Cisco Application-Centric Cloud Orchestrator. His answer may shock you. Or, it may not. I mean, you may just say, “Of course. Who didn’t know that?”


Next up was Nutanix. I wandered across the aisle to their booth and fought my way through the crowd to catch up with my old friend, Franco Agustin. He introduced me to the Nutanix solution called “One Click.” After a quick debate on the merits of the double click, the double scoop, and the double Salchow, I finally listened to what he was actually saying.

Nutanix One Click for Citrix Cloud brings rapidity and simplicity of deployments by bringing the cloud model to your data center instead of your data center to the cloud. And because of its “One Click” configuration and creating the Citrix Cloud Connectors, it follows the true Citrix Cloud paradigm of allowing your workloads to exist “anywhere.”

In a Part 2, I took my camera and had Martijn Bosschaart lead me through a demo of the Prism Management Interface. During the demo, it’s possible that I said, “I don’t care where your workloads are, as long as the Cloud Connector can see them.” Maybe I didn’t, I’m not sure. Martijn was trying to teach me Dutch and well, there is a reason for editing videos shot anyplace there’s an open bar. This video is truly worthy of “One Click”… on the replay button that is. RIMSHOT!

Cisco – The Sequel

Last, but not least, I made my way back to the Cisco booth, where new friend and fellow beard-aholic Bryan Hilton and I discussed Windows 10 migrations, VDI, 3D Graphics rendering and more. Yes, it’s Bryan with a Y. It’s like he wanted to say “yes” in shorthand right in the middle of his name

If you are amongst the companies that are looking down the barrel of a Windows 10 refresh / migration then this video is a must-see. The advancements that Citrix Workspaces, Cisco UCI, and nVidia vGPU have made bring employees of all levels the power of graphics, matched with an elegant experience that they have come to expect. Nay, DEMAND.

Bryan discusses the complexity of software rendering vs. hardware rending of DirectX 10 & 11. According to Bryan, “this ain’t DirectX 9 anymore.” In this video, Bryan definitely gives the most concise and brief answers to the number 1 use case question. BANG!

Even if you watch all three videos, it’ll only take you 15 minutes. What better way could you spend such a short amount of time? I, for one, could hit the gym (I could stand to lose a few “cameras”), but that’s neither here nor there. And as always, don’t forget to click to subscribe to the channel. It’s another way One Click serves you better.