The beginning of a new year provides partner organizations with the perfect opportunity to think through the actions they need to take to achieve their annual targets. To prepare for their goals, it’s not uncommon for our partners to expand their workforce or broaden their own solution offerings by pursuing a new Citrix Specialization.

We’re here to help you with any growing pains by providing you with the enablement materials you need to on-board and ramp-up to hit the ground running fast!

The Partner Onboarding Guide is a fantastic starting point for any new employee. Updated with the latest content after Citrix Summit 2018, this guide will provide you with 30-60-90 day action plans for multiple role types within your organization.

Included within the onboarding plan are our newly redesigned Partner Learning Paths! You’ll find built-out paths for the following:

  • Networking
  • Virtualization
  • Enterprise Mobility Management
  • Enterprise File Sync and Sharing
  • CSP

Sales employees can work from our completely new Sales track that includes all of our latest sales motions and are built from our most popular resources on Citrix SalesIQ.

Partner employees with a technical role can now leverage the Technical track to access content from FREE of charge through the end of Q2! This is a great opportunity for organizations to prep for our different Citrix certifications and to receive a deep technical understanding of how our different solutions work. Partners will be able to configure our products in a controlled lab environment by purchasing access to the suite of labs available on

Stay tuned for more exciting partner enablement opportunities coming in 2018!

All new Citrix Partner Learning Paths

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