Guest blog post by Gaynor Wong,

We understand that competition is fast-paced and that businesses must enhance their technology to stay ahead of the game.However, despite all of the advancements in technology, printing has (and will always remain) a critical aspect of many industries.

Because printing is critical, the need for optimized printing infrastructure that enables secure printing anywhere and anytime is a necessity for nearly all businesses.

In order to meet the printing demands of your business,’s flagship print management software, UniPrint Infinity, allows you to print seamlessly within your existing Citrix environment.

The key motivation behind our partnership is to enhance workflow and productivity.

The following is what UniPrint Infinity brings to Citrix printing:

  • One Virtual Print Queue
    • Our singular Virtual Print Queue (VPQ) ensures that print jobs are sent to one print server, reducing print traffic and thus improving your workflow by speeding up print job releases
  • Secure Pull Printing
    • Secure Pull Printing helps enterprises eliminate possible damages associated with security breaches relating to documents being left in the printer trays unattended, including the viewing of sensitive data by outsiders or unauthorized personell, or even corporate espionage
  • PDF Print Compression
    • Print jobs are compressed into significantly smaller PDF files, resulting in faster data transmission and printing
  • High Availability
    • The High Availability Module eliminates any single point of failure in the printing system, ensuring maximum printing uptime
  • Mobile and Citrix Azure Cloud Printing
    • CIOs and IT departments can now rest easy as employees can print securely anytime, anywhere, and from any device (even personal mobile devices)

UniPrint and Citrix at Citrix Summit 2018

Citrix Summit 2018 is fast approaching! The Summit is an essential business development conference strictly for Citrix partners.

Those who attend gain insight into Citrix’s strategy for digital transformation through intensive technical, sales, and business training that delivers the tools to strengthen relationships, take advantage of market opportunities, and pave the way for new deals.

You can meet Managing Partner and CEO David Fung at Booth #305 between on January 8th and 9th.

UniPrint & Citrix Presentation

Join’s Director of Enterprise Sales, Marisol Lopez, with over 10 years industry experience, and Gamal Arfeen, Customer Experience Engineer, for a 15-minute presentation demonstrating why UniPrint’s one management platform is the only all-in-one solution for any Citrix, Cloud, and Client server environment.

Two other topics that will be covered are:

  1. Secure pull printing with multiple release options
    1. Documents are only released when users authenticate their credentials by entering their passwords, or tapping onto the vPad user authentication device- no more documents ending up in the wrong hands
  2. Smart route printing for healthcare
    1. Printing from EHR and EMR applications such as Epic, Allscripts, and Meditech can now be easily configured to ensure printers follow the user

Don’t miss out on this exclusive presentation! We will be giving away awesome free prizes, and our Citrix partners will be able to receive a free 5 user license.

We look forward to meeting our known visitors and new-faces at Citrix Summit 2018. Be sure to visit our booth to gain more insight on our UniPrint partner program and one management platform.