The Federal Communication Commission’s recent decision to overturn Net Neutrality will significantly impact telecommunications providers and their customers. Citrix products and services can help both function efficiently in a post-Net Neutrality world.

On Dec. 14, 2017,  the Federal Communications Commission overturned a 2015 decision to treat broadband internet communications as a Title II communication service with providers being “common carriers” instead of “information providers.”  The 2015 decision had imposed the concept of “Net Neutrality,” which required broadband internet service providers to treat all data equally and prohibited them from discriminating or charging fees differently based on factors related to the user, the content, or the platform.

The decision to overturn Net Neutrality has significant implications for businesses that use internet services and for service providers delivering their platforms and services to others. After the repeal of Net Neutrality, internet service providers will have the ability to charge customers differently for various types of service (e.g., video vs. text) and to offer different speeds of service to individual customers or groups of customers. In turn, customers will need to make careful choices about the internet services they use and the trade-offs those choices will require them to make when it comes to speed, quality of service, and pricing.

Citrix offers a number of products and services to help our customers strategically evaluate how to securely deliver applications and services in this new environment. Our NetScaler platform allows telecommunications providers and their customers to carefully consider content and delivery options and to optimize the flow of information over networks and the internet. XenApp, XenDesktop, and XenMobile Services help customers efficiently and securely manage corporate environments within the data center and manage costs of communication on the internet and on end-user devices. And Citrix ShareFile allows customers to share large files within the service, dramatically cutting down on the need for broadband internet services.

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