How to control SD-WAN Center Monitoring Statistics timeline

If you want to take a look to various different or individual timeframes in Citrix NetScaler SD-WAN Center Monitoring Statistics, you can specify it in the following ways.

1. Preconfigured views

When you open the Monitoring / Statistics tab, you will get shown the data you have chosen from the left menu in weekly (last 7 days) view by default.

The Time value field on the left shows the date and time of the last data point of the graph.

More preconfigured values for the graph time line are Month (last 30 days), Day (last 24 hours) and Hour (last 60 minutes).

2. Specific view on two-hour time frame

If you want to view to a specific short time frame, just edit the time field on the left. (e.g. if you have seen in the day graph, that there was a heavy peak around 4 p.m. on the previous day). Click into the time field on the left, fill in the desired start data point for the two hour graph.

Please be aware, that the field value will change immediately to the date and time of the last data point of the graph. When you hover the mouse over the data points in the graph you will get the exact values of the peak points for your information.

3. View on a specific day-based time frame

The time frame of the current graph is marked on the timeline on the top.

Click on the desired date point on the timeline and mark the needed time frame on it. In this example the new marked time frame is from December, 2nd to December, 13th.

After marking the time frame, the graph changes to the new time frame and the values are shown.

Comments are welcome. If you need more information or details on this, just let me know.