I had the opportunity to sit down with our Chief Security and Information Officer, Stan Black, who has been nominated for the cybersecurity professional of the year award. Take a look at our Q&A below to see all the reasons to vote for Stan as cybersecurity professional of the year – then cast your vote!

Stan, what sets you apart from the other nominees?

I think what sets me apart from other CSOs is my unique role. I have a much broader and deeper view of security across the entire organization than most CSOs – I manage cybersecurity across all Citrix products, as well as the physical security of all employees. My organization monitors the global threat landscape, and manages incident response and physical security to reduce the attack surface and protect information in all stages across all networks, clouds and platforms, without limiting employee or customer productivity.

We’ve also significantly reduced the complexity of our security operations, so we can find and address threats faster. WannaCry? Not at Citrix!

What have you been up to recently, protecting Citrix and our customers?

A big change for me recently is my newly added role of CIO. I’m one of the first CSOs at a multi-national company to also take on the IT role, so a big focus for me has been merging these two teams. With this move, I recently consolidated and streamlined our security and IT infrastructures from about 40 solutions down to 4!

I’ve also worked with my team to increase employee awareness and engagement in security best practices, to keep our own employees vigilant and safe. And, we recently launched a program called Citrix Security Ninja, which provides beginner to advanced levels of training for the Citrix engineering, IT, security, senior executives, and development teams. As of today, there are 38 online courses across 8 software security training tracks, and there have been more than 300 learners over the last few months. Learning and development for my team and Citrix as a whole is really important to me.

I heard your team stops 54 billion unique security events each quarter. Tell me more!

As I mentioned earlier, we simplified and strengthened our infrastructure by cutting the amount of products we use from 40 down to 4. This was a huge win for us.

With the integration of IT and Security, we’ve also been able to more effectively catch and stop threats. For example, with this change, we:

  • Shrunk our attack surface by more than 80 percent.
  • Incorporated machine learning to enhance identity management and accelerated our move beyond passwords.
  • Strengthened incident management from months to minutes through enhanced telemetry and machine learning.

How are you attracting top security talent to work for Citrix?

Top talent tends to be attracted to Citrix for a few reasons. For one, we are a technology company that has a very strong reputation for keeping companies secure, which offers a unique experience to security professionals.

Also, we focus on diversity and inclusion. In fact, the Global Security Organization at Citrix is climbing above the industry norm – roughly 18 percent of our organization is female. Citrix also partners with Girls Who Code, an organization that is dedicated to closing the gender gap in technology, and we offer great internships and out-of-college roles that are fueling the future of Citrix Security.

What will it mean for you and Citrix if you’re selected?

The cybersecurity professional of the year award is a great honor. Whether I win or not, I plan on further showing our customers and the industry that Citrix secures information at all stages, on all devices, in all clouds and over any network.

We hope these reasons motivate you to vote for Stan for Cybersecurity Professional of the Year!