Hello Citrix community! Welcome to the November 2017 edition of Citrix Knowledge Center Highlights. This is a collection of new and updated articles, trending articles, and other updates from the Citrix Knowledge Center team.

Knowledge Center “How Do I” Pages

The “How Do I” pages are a collection of simple, relevant, and easy-to-implement articles on Citrix products. Topics include configuration information, popular troubleshooting and product features.

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Knowledge Center Highlights

We have organized these highlights into two main categories:

  • Networking (NetScaler)
  • Application Virtualization and VDI (XenApp, XenDesktop and XenServer)


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NetScaler “How Do I” Articles

NetScaler Gateway EPA: How Do I?” a collection of NetScaler Gateway EPA guides and references. This is a new addition to our list of “How Do I” pages for NetScaler. If you use NetScaler Gateway EPA, this is a must-have resource!

Recently Updated Articles

CTX223838 Requirements and Limitations of Authentication at StoreFront using NetScaler Gateway
CTX223874 How to Configure Authentication at StoreFront using NetScaler Gateway – NetScaler Configuration
CTX223877 How to Configure Authentication at StoreFront using NetScaler Gateway – StoreFront Configuration
CTX223882 FAQ: Configuring Authentication at StoreFront using NetScaler Gateway
CTX124609 Device Names Assigned to /var and /flash Partitions According to BIOS Version Installed on a NetScaler MPX Appliance
CTX113357 NetScaler Hardware and Software Compatibility Matrix

Trending Issues

 CTX229555  High CPU Usage for VPX Reported on VMware ESXi Version 6.0
CTX229089  Authentication Failure When Password Contains £ Character

New Articles

CTX227979 FAQ: Strict HTTP Validation on NetScaler Application Delivery Controller and NetScaler Gateway
CTX228886 UMLAUTE Support for 401 Basic Authentication on NetScaler
CTX228979 High NetScaler Management CPU Utilization
CTX229158 How to Extract the Private and Public Key From pfx File

Product News

CTX228861 – Lifecycle Announcement for Citrix SCOM Management Packs for CloudBridge (NetScaler SD-WAN), XenApp 6.x, Web Interface, XenMobile, NetScaler, XenServer, ShareFile, and Licensing Server

Application Virtualization and VDI

Trending Issues

CTX227038 Seamless App Appear With Black Border on Server 2016
CTX225784 “Unexpected error. Check your network connection or view Director Server event logs for further information” under Trends > Failures > Connection
CTX226339 WEM 4.3 – Intermittent crashes of Norskale Broker Service.exe on WEM Broker
CTX225862 “A General System Error Occurred: PBM Error Occurred During PreProcessReconfigureSpec: pbm.fault.PBMFault; ..” While Creating VM
CTX226976 Dual Monitor issue-Blurred Parts in Session Windows 7/Server 2008 R2-August 2017 Security Updates
CTX226174 How to Update Machine Catalog
CTX226622 Black Frames on Screen When Dragging any Published App on XenApp 7.13
CTX225920 Published Outlook Repeatedly Prompts What Program to Use to Open Links
CTX227147 Error: The trust relationship between this workstation and the primary domain failed
CTX225800 Error: “Your account cannot be added using this server address” When Adding Sites in Native Receiver
CTX226494 WEM Agent Does Not Launch Automatically When a User Logs In