A few months ago, Microsoft unveiled Windows 10 S, offering significant simplicity, security, and cost benefits for Windows 10 users while opening up possibilities for businesses, as well. At the same time, Citrix launched a new Citrix Receiver based on Universal Windows Platform (UWP) for Windows 10. Since then, Citrix and Microsoft have been getting feedback from customers and working toward a more feature-rich version of Citrix Receiver in the Microsoft store.

Microsoft later announced the availability of Windows 10 S devices from different OEMs; today Citrix is also announcing a release of Citrix Receiver based on Microsoft Desktop Bridge technology to enable the best virtualization client on Windows 10 S and other Windows 10 SKUs on Desktop and IoT Enterprise. This store edition of Citrix Receiver offers all critical features required by the enterprise customers and, by downloading it from the Microsoft Store, you can take advantage of automatic updates installed in the background for easier IT deployments.

Here is what our strategic partner Microsoft, has to say about the Citrix Receiver on Windows 10 S:

“Microsoft is excited to have Citrix Receiver for Windows 10 devices available in the Microsoft Store, making it even easier to safely and securely connect to your new and existing applications from any Windows 10 S device. This announcement is another example of Microsoft’s strong partnership with Citrix to enhance and extend the capabilities of Windows 10 devices for the modern digital workforce.” — Steve Teixeira, GM, Microsoft developer ecosystem

In addition, the new Citrix Receiver enables Skype for Business in virtualized environment by supporting the Citrix Real Time Media Engine (RTME) for Skype for Business on PC, IoT Enterprise and Windows 10 S devices. You do not have to install RTME package separately; it is included in the package available in the store. As the new Citrix Receiver in the store is derived from the Win 32 Receiver there is no learning curve for existing Citrix Receiver users.

Windows 10 S is a streamlined OS for security and superior performance that only runs applications delivered from Microsoft Store ensuring Microsoft-verified security and integrity. This means many existing Win32 apps, which are not yet available in the store, will not run locally on Windows 10 S. The best way to get access to these business-critical Win 32 apps is through Citrix XenApp. Using the new Citrix Receiver available in the store, Windows 10 S users can safely and securely access Win 32 apps from any Windows 10 S device without undermining control or security and adding value on top of the secure, cost effective characteristics of Windows 10 S.

The users can now go to Microsoft Store and find the Citrix Receiver on different Windows 10 devices. This new feature rich Citrix Receiver will run on Windows 10 S, PC and IoT Enterprise. The existing Citrix Receiver for UWP in the store will run on Surface Hub, Windows 10 IoT core devices, Mixed Reality headsets and Windows 10 phone. Citrix is committed to aligning with the future Microsoft strategy for UWP while at the same time giving customers the best experience by leveraging the Desktop Bridge technology available today.

Citrix is excited to see the new Windows 10 S devices available and be the first one to enable you with the best virtualization client to embrace and extend Windows 10 S!

Use the new Citrix Receiver on Windows 10 S and please let us know how it works for you.