Application developers are being challenged by their customers and competitors to deliver their desktop or workstation applications as cloud-based services, without compromising usability or security. This leaves developers in a quandary: how do they take their highly valued applications to the cloud — quickly, easily, and securely — and continue to deliver the great customer experience their users expect?

In most instances, the answer is complex, involves significant planning and investment to support transformation of both the technology and business processes, and can take months, if not years. Just a few examples of the challenges faced include:

  • Code rewrites and/or new development to support cloud architectures and new delivery models
  • Defining & implementing new licensing & billing processes
  • Determining the correct infrastructure platform for hosting their service

Added to this, both the application developers and their customers want a simple, transparent, direct engagement model that enables both to have a predictable and scalable experience.

Citrix has spent the past 20+ years successfully virtualizing the most complex, graphics-intensive applications for the world’s largest enterprises, and we’ve spent the last several years transforming ourselves, building and investing to deliver Citrix Cloud, an integrated cloud services solution. We have industry-leading capabilities that ensure performance and scalability.

Throughout our journey, we have listened to our customers’ goals for their businesses and seen how technology is changing the way they use and interact with the applications and data that drive them. Further, we are engaged with developers looking for solutions to help them deliver their applications as SaaS applications.

From this journey and these interactions, Project Chrysalis was born. And then came the question, “What if we could package our cloud services specifically to enable application developers to address these problems, simply and securely, in days or weeks, with predictable user experiences and costs?”

Chrysalis is designed specifically for application developers with desktop or workstation applications who wish to deliver them as SaaS applications, or deliver a rich software trial experience. By using Citrix solutions, ISVs have a unique opportunity to:

  • Securely & simply deliver their applications via the cloud:
    • Simple app packaging — no need to rewrite your App
    • Manage one version and update with one click
    • Securely deliver apps to any HTML5 browser – no client software to download, install and manage
  • Leverage the Cloud infrastructure of their choice:
    • Public, hybrid, or private — or all three
    • Flexibility — no lock in
  • Streamline their businesses with insights & analytics:
    • Know which customers are using your service and when, where, and for how long
    • Predict bursting needs and costs
    • Focus on selling and managing software subscriptions
    • Build and deliver integrated SaaS solutions and cost-effective trial programs
    • Reach new and existing customers anywhereWe are working closely with select application developers to gain a deep understanding of their businesses and goals, so that we can ensure we deliver an easy-to-use, secure, and scalable solution.

We see a world in which people, organizations, and things are securely connected in simple ways to make the extraordinary possible. Through Chrysalis we are enabling application developers to realize a new connection with their customers that extends the lifecycle of their existing investments, and brings their applications to new and existing customers.

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