Citrix Cloud powers the delivery of a secure digital workspace and includes tools and services that enable admins to operate a successful solution.

Citrix Cloud will now alert admins via email when notifications trigger in their deployment

A successful digital workspace is one that is online, healthy and performant at all times. Behind any solution there are individuals responsible and accountable for operational success and performance. The Citrix Cloud platform and services help admins with multiple aspects of their solution (such as deployment, integration and operation) and recently added support to forward Citrix Cloud notifications via email.

Admins today are too busy to regularly “check in” on solution health and performance

Today’s IT solution and operational teams are taking on more than ever, and often with a smaller team size than in the past. The traditional Network Operations Center ‘NOC’ where individuals have physical access to a room has long since evolved to a distributed and remote model where access to monitoring and management tools is available from anywhere.

Access through a VPN and remote sessions to consoles and tools will get the job done, but it can be cumbersome. With Citrix Cloud, monitoring and management tools are easily accessible from a browser, and if you’re managing across multiple environments or services its done using a single sign in and session — rather than having to connect and login to multiple different machines or consoles.

Citrix Cloud is watching so you don’t have to

Even with ultimate ease-of-access to monitoring tools, admins don’t have time (or patience) to watch and wait for something to go wrong. Building a solution on Citrix Cloud frees customers from the responsibility of managing and monitoring a large portion of the infrastructure required for a digital workspace solution, enabling investment and focus in other areas. In a hybrid-cloud solution some infrastructure is under customer or partner control — Citrix Cloud helps manage and monitor that too.

A good example is the Citrix Cloud Connector Health Check — every hour Citrix Cloud executes connectivity tests and gathers performance data on every connector machine in the world. Alerts and notifications are issued when test results or performance data indicate failure or resource constraint (CPU, memory, disk). Now with notification forwarding, admins can be alerted immediately when warning or failure conditions are detected and no longer need to periodically check the Citrix Cloud UI.

Getting Started with Citrix Cloud notification forwarding

Enrolling in notification forwarding is simple and strait forward.

  • Login to Citrix Cloud and visit the ‘my profile’ section in account settings
  • Turn on notification forwarding
  • Select the notification types you want to receive (Info, Warning, Error)
Citrix Cloud provides the option for administrators to forward notifications to email

Notification forwarding in Citrix Cloud is configured as an admin preference and is off by default. Admins must enroll themselves — one admin cannot configure another admins notification forwarding preferences (admin1 cannot configure for admin2).

An email is sent for each notification

The notification forwarding design is simple, each notification is forwarded in its own email. Multiple notifications are not grouped into a single email, nor are they delayed or batched together and sent at once — each notification is forwarded as soon as possible and contains detail about a single source notification. Notification forwarding can be configured per type (info, warning, error) so admins can choose to only receive warnings and errors if desired.

Citrix Cloud forwards notifications to email based on admin preference

Dismiss notifications and manage email preferences in Citrix Cloud

The email body provides a link back to Citrix Cloud where notifications are dismissed and preferences are managed. Dismissal of a notification occurs in Citrix Cloud, notifications are not dismissed automatically when the email is read. Notification dismissal status in Citrix Cloud is managed on a per-admin basis; if admin1 dismissed a notification it will not appear as dismissed for admin2. Each admin must dismiss their own notifications.

Manage notifications in Citrix Cloud

Simplify with Citrix Cloud

Notification forwarding is one of many ways the Citrix Cloud platform and services improve the delivery of a digital workspace solution. Simplify and evolve your solution today with Citrix Cloud.