Our Citrix Cloud EU region is now open for businesses.  The EU region was created to meet the business requirements of enterprises based or operating in Europe. You will see improved response times from our administrative web interface, and Citrix Cloud connector traffic will be kept within the EU region (depending on the service used).

New Citrix Cloud services customers can sign-up for a Citrix Cloud account here. During the sign-up process you will be asked to choose between EU or US. This is a onetime choice. Once a region is selected, it cannot be changed later without establishing a new account.

Once you have a Citrix Cloud account you will be able to try our lab services, request trials to services, such as the XenApp and XenDesktop Service, and much more!

Please note that not all services have dedicated regional instances.  The following table lists dedicated instances and indicates which services require crossing regional boundaries.

Existing Citrix Cloud services customers may create an additional Citrix Cloud account in the EU.  It is not possible to move existing accounts between regions at this time.  If you wish to create a new additional EU account, click here.

Note: You will need to logout of your existing Citrix Cloud account first and use a different email to create the EU account.  Once the EU account is created you can add the email from your US account to the EU administrators list.  This will create a new additional OrgID. Please makes sure any purchases for this new account are made against this OrgID (this can be found in the account details in Citrix Cloud).

We are just getting started and will have more exciting announcements for our EU region in the coming months.

For more details on the cloud services available in the EU region please see this blog post and read our FAQ for details.

To learn more about Citrix Cloud services, visit https://www.citrix.com/cloud