If you’ve read this entire series (links below), you’ll know that I’ve been comparing elite athletic performance with how Citrix ShareFile has a competitive edge. I saved my favorite sports analogy for last.

Where would most athletes be without a coach and a team to bring all these winning moves together? A coach’s strategy is the most important part to a team’s success. Citrix has been at the helm of a winning team for over 25 years, guiding and innovating strategy.

The coach brings the winning players and teams together. By integrating ShareFile into the Citrix strategy of building the world’s best integrated technology services for secure delivery of apps and data – anytime, anywhere, ShareFile brings the unique advantage of being the only content collaboration platform that is native to the unique requirements of the virtual environment.

ShareFile is optimized for the unique requirements of virtualized desktops

More than 100 million people use virtualization products like Citrix XenDesktop and Citrix XenApp, and benefit from the increased flexibility and security that virtualization provides. ShareFile is the only file sync and share solution on the market that is optimized for the unique requirements of virtualized environments.

Most file sync and sharing solution, including Box, are designed for a limited range of endpoints. Simple tasks like attaching documents to email, or opening and saving documents that seem straightforward with a normal desktop can become complex, or even impossible with these sync and sharing products.

ShareFile Drive Mapper supports Citrix, Microsoft, and VMWare virtual desktop and app environments, allowing simple, quick setup and a consolidated view of storage resources in today’s highly virtualized environments.

Bottom line? ShareFile is the only file sync-and-share solution optimized for virtual apps and desktops. Organizations can leverage existing investments and mobilize network shares, SharePoint, Personal Cloud repositories, or any other ECM System while optimizing load times for streamlined used in a VDI environment.

ShareFile is the only File Sync and Sharing Solution optimized for Virtual Environments


ShareFile has been highly successful for many years in delivering industry leading content collaboration solutions that not only meet customer needs, but also continue to provide new ways for their people to work. That’s because only ShareFile has integrated and expanded virtual file share functionality into enterprise environments while driving ease of use, continuity, flexibility, and contributing additional cost savings to our customers’ bottom line.

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