For those that have been following this series (links below), I’ve been paralleling my kids’ success in athletics with the competitive edge Citrix ShareFile has against Box.

The content collaboration market is more than just file, sync, and sharing in the cloud. Just as in sports, working tightly with teammates is one of the keys to success. Today’s post — the fourth in this series — we show how seamless integrations deliver a more effective solution.

Volleyball has both offense and defense on the court at once. Six players operate in only 900 square feet of space. To be successful, a team must seamlessly work together and communicate with each other. Without communication, it’s easy to duplicate efforts, collide on a court, and completely miss who has the accountability for getting to the ball. ShareFile recognizes that tight integration and teamwork with other vendors is critical to success.

ShareFile seamlessly Integrates with ECM vendors without the risks associated with content duplication/migration

Today’s information-centric enterprise faces a critical need to manage corporate content and its access by employees efficiently and effectively. Ineffective content management impairs employee and business performance. Implementing the wrong solution has the potential to make things worse.

ShareFile is designed to seamlessly integrate with a company’s Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system thanks to ShareFile’s StorageZones connectors (which work with Microsoft SharePoint and OneDrive) and Software Developers Kit (SDK) that enables customers or partners to create a direct connection to most Enterprise Content Management suite. The end result is that ShareFile, through supported connectors and SDK, provides a tight, effective integration with a customer’s chosen ECM suite without need to relocate or replicate content to make it accessible.

In contrast, Box’s method of communicating with ECM systems requires Box’s ECM Cloud connector to ‘push’ data from the ECM system to Box Online, which either migrates or replicates the corporate content to Box’s cloud data store. The result is that sensitive corporate content may either be moved to, or worse yet, duplicated to Box’s cloud storage outside of the customer’s control. Depending on the content and circumstances, this may breech corporate security policies.

Easily Manage Multiple Data Sources, including ECM and Personal Cloud Connectors


The growing adoption of File Sync and Share solutions has driven a major expansion in the number of companies trying to address the needs of this burgeoning market. The number of companies in this space will surely shrink at the expense of vendors who have failed to fully address customer needs while remaining flexible enough to full integrate with their existing content and storage infrastructure. Very few of these vendors will be able to compare to established players such as Citrix ShareFile while being able to demonstrate solutions that provide customers with a business advantage (user access, worker productivity, cost savings…etc.) over what other established vendors can provide.

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